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Dr. Alveda King on Obama: ‘How’s That Working for You?’


Dr. Alveda King, niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., says that President Obama does not represent the fulfillment of her uncle’s famous dream.

When Obama was elected, it seemed all we heard in the media was how proud MLK would be, that America had fulfilled his dream by making a black man president.

But Alveda King, in an interview with Tea Party News Network, said that her uncle was speaking of a day when people would be judged by their character, not their skin color, and Obama was elected because he was black.

In fact, voters to this day still know little about the truth of Obama’s past because he had lawyers seal all his records and fight attempts to have them opened.

“When I consider the term of office of President Barack Obama,” King said, “people voted for the president because of the color of his skin, not for the content of his character. I know that to be true because many people have admitted it to me, face to face. I’d say, did you vote for the president because of his platform or because of the color of his skin? Sometimes they answer, very defensive, ‘Well yes, I voted for the color of his skin,’ or ‘yeah, I thought if we got a black president, things would be OK.’ And I say, how’s that working for you now?”

That lack of knowledge about Obama’s past and character have come back to haunt the country in many ways, as conservatives have known all along. But even some of Obama’s most die-hard supporters have begun to come around, as can be seen in the campaigns of Democrats who are avoiding Obama and mention of his programs like the plague as they run for the November ballot.

But what has probably stung African-American communities the most is that they feel just as ignored under Obama as they have under any other president. Failed schools are still a reality, King said, and Obamacare is deceptive. People trying to use Obamacare are finding themselves turned away from hospitals, she added.

The economy has been disastrous for African-Americans, with 35 percent of young blacks out of work. Whatever recovery some people are feeling isn’t reaching into the country’s poor communities.

Another area in which Obama has failed is national security. “Believe it or not,” King said, “women and African-Americans now are very concerned about safety and security of our nation. They’re a little more interested in what’s going to happen if terrorists are able to come into our country. … We’re not as safe as we thought we were.”

King and are teaming up for the Restore the Dream 2014 project to raise voter awareness of real issues. With the Senate at stake, the country needs all the help it can get.
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