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Documentary Takes Aim At Former IRS Official Lois Lerner


Former IRS official Lois Lerner will be making her film debut Oct. 14 in a documentary where she?s one of the villains. The film is called Unfair: Exposing the IRS, and it will screen in 674 theaters nationwide.

The movie is about alleged abuse at the IRS, and has national implications going into the 2014 mid-term elections. Don’t miss this one.

Conservative activist, political operative, and radio host Craig Bergman has a new documentary film that exposes the truth about the IRS and its lawlessness.

The IRS is easily one of – if not the – most despised government agencies in the United States, and for good reason. As the current congressional investigations into the IRS’s impact on the 2012 General Election continues, it seems there is a new reason for outrage daily.

unfair-movie-300x180“UnFair,” which was directed by Bergman’s partner at Gadsden Films, Judd Saul, will have a nationwide release, appearing on more than 1,000 screens in about 700 cinemas across the United States at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Guest post by Bob Eschliman

Hat tip: Steve Deace

“UnFair” is an absolute must-watch for every American, regardless of one’s political or religious persuasion. You will not want to miss it and you will want to bring every patriotic American you can find to the show.

Over the course of several weeks, Bergman and Saul traveled the country with a film crew, interviewing major organizations – such as Americans for Tax Reform, the National Organization for Marriage, the NRA, and Judicial Watch, just to name a few – as well as grassroots activist groups. Every one of them was targeted for scrutiny by the IRS for their political activity.

“UnFair” also tells the stories of just a few of those who were just carrying on with their everyday lives, but later saw those lives were upended and nearly destroyed by IRS abuses of power.

American Legion Post 447 in Texas was audited because it offered community dinners and wasn’t restricting access to its bar to members only. Proceeds from those dinners and the bar provided direct aid to local veterans in crisis and to host local families at Christmas.

Check out the trailer:

If I didn’t know Executive Producer John Sullivan (2016: Obama’s America, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed) personally, I’d swear this movie was made by Clive Barker or John Carpenter – it’s that scary. Do not miss it (there’s a surprise ending you won’t expect as a bonus)..

684 Movie Theaters Nationwide Beginning Oct. 14.

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 Ania Joseph, the founder of Pro-Life Revolution, said her organization was attacked for supporting anti-abortion efforts. As a child, she saw the savagery of the waning days of communism in her home country of Poland, never believing she would see many of the same government abuses take place in her new country.

Steve and Michel Cook in Missouri were audited for taking the adoption tax credit after adopting their daughter, Madison, who was born in China. The documented cost of the adoption was many times more than the tax credit they claimed, but they still faced abuse from IRS employees.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus, founder of Z Street, which is vocally supportive of Israel, said her organization was targeted for IRS scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. Five years since applying for that status, Z Street still has not been approved by the IRS, which has more or less prevented it from raising any funds for its advocacy efforts.

Importantly, “UnFair” frames the implications of a lawless IRS with regard to our First Amendment rights to freely express ourselves and to practice our faith without government interference. While those implications are important to Christians and conservatives, they apply to every American.

“UnFair” also looks at the history of the federal income tax, and how something so seemingly incongruent with American freedom could possibly become enshrined in the Constitution. Bergman interviews historian David Barton of WallBuilders, who gives viewers a lesson from the forgotten pages of U.S. History.

Author and former radio host Neal Boortz and 2008 presidential candidate and FOX News Channel host Gov. Mike Huckabee weigh in on the history of the federal income tax, as well. They also add their two cents’ worth during a key discussion about how to do away with the tax – and by extension, the IRS – later in the film.

Boortz, Huckabee, former congressman John Linder of Georgia, and economist Louis Woodhill explain the Fair Tax in a way I haven’t seen expressed in the media before. And, if I can be so bold, I think they explain it in a way that will have everyone clamoring for a national sales tax in lieu of the current system.

A special live roundtable will follow the film. The roundtable panel will consist of national conservative leaders who will discuss what the audience just watched, as well as how “We The People” can take back what is rightfully ours.

Currently, “UnFair” is planned as a one-night event. To get more than one date, Oct. 14 must sell out way in advance, that’s why it’s imperative you buy your tickets now. They just went on sale today through the film’s website, The site also includes a list of cinemas that will be screening the film, as well as a feature that allows you to request a screening at a theater close to you.

“UnFair” isn’t just another scary movie, but is rather a call to educate, motivate, and activate. It offers a rallying cry – with a number of very familiar names making the same call to action – for patriots like you and me to start taking our country back.
You cannot let this opportunity pass you by. This film is an absolute must-see.

Bob Eschliman is a former Iowa journalist with nearly 70 awards over the past 15 years from the Iowa Newspaper Association and Associated Press Managing Editors, including the INA’s Harrison “Skip” Weber Award for Investigative Journalism. You may contact him at


Remember: It’s one-night only, courtesy of Fathom Events, a company that brings sports, concerts, speeches and other alternative entertainment to movie screens.

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