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Despicable Her: Democrat Wendy Davis Makes Wheelchair Attack Ad?


What do you do when there are three weeks left before the election and you’re getting clubbed like a baby seal? How about attack your opponent because he uses a wheelchair?

That depends on who you are. If you’re a typical Republican, you’ll most likely sell out whatever conservative principles you might have stood for, and veer sharply leftward in a desperate attempt to curry favor from moderates and limit the bleeding from traditional leftist constituencies.

If you’re a Democrat, however, desperate times call for pulling out all the stops on every dirty trick, low blow, kick in the crotch, lie, deceit, and depravity you can think up. And by all means, kick the dude in the wheelchair, because he’s in a wheelchair.

So this will not surprise you at all: the new ad from the campaign of Wendy Davis, Democrat candidate for governor against Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

According to Wendy Davis, only Democrats are entitled to legal remedies when crippled. Only Democrats deserve to be compensated for a lifetime of medical. bills, complications, and reduced quality of life, when injured. If you’ve ever won a personal injury lawsuit, you must never believe in or advocate conservative principles of governance. And only Democrats have protected classes that cannot be attacked.

But mostly the lesson here is that there is no low to which Wendy Davis will not go in order to gain power.

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