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Democrats: Republicans Cause Ebola!


In fact, at least here at Curmudgeon Central, we’re pretty sure Democrats ARE Ebola.

A Democratic partner group called the Agenda Action Project has come up with a new web commercial that conclusively proves that it was Republicans who caused the Ebola outbreak that is killing thousands in Africa and is just starting to spread here in the US.  That’s right, Republicans are out to kill you

Got it?  Republicans cut $550 million from the budget to help the rich and the poor are dying.  The head of CDC and the head of NIH are both all over the media whining about those Republican cuts that have gutted their ability to perform their core mission, developing responses to communicable diseases and protecting the American people from things like Ebola.

We know you’re saying something like, “Surely President Obama is calling down these people for crap like this!”  Well, if you’re saying that you’ve been living in a cave for the past six years.  The only response to this ad is that the Directors of the CDC and NIH have agreed with that conclusion.

This one is so outrageous that even Glenn Kessler at DNC Media the Washington Post couldn’t pass on it.  Here’s what he had to say.

“Republican cuts kill”

– new Web ad by the Agenda Project Action Fund

This ad is simply a more extreme version of a new Democratic talking point — that GOP budget cuts have harmed the nation’s ability to handle the Ebola outbreak. It mixes statistics — the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “cut” $585 million (the ad offers no date range) — with disturbing images of the outbreak and various Republican leaders saying variations of the word “cut.”

A slightly more nuanced version of this theme was launched by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which in online advertising began to equate a congressional budget vote in 2011 with a vote for the House GOP budget in 2014 that supposedly protected special interests.

It’s important to note right here that while the Agenda Action Project is a far left fruitcake organization, their theme is consistent with that other far left fruitcake group called the Democratic Party.  This is what passes for “mainstream” when you’re a Democrat.

Based on budgets, the NIH has seen no net cuts since 2006, going from about $28.5 billion in 2006 to $30.14 billion in 2014 plus a $10 billion spike from the 2009 stimulus.

Generally, Congress gave the NIH about what the president requested — sometimes more, sometimes less. In 2013, for instance, Congress gave the NIH more than what the White House had requested, but then $1.5 billion was taken away by sequestration.

Whose idea was sequestration? It was originally a White House proposal, designed to force Congress to either swallow painful cuts or boost taxes. The law mandating sequestration passed on a bipartisan vote — and then Republicans embraced it even more strongly when they could not reach a grand budget deal with President Obama.

For fiscal year 2015, the documents show, it was the Obama White House that proposed to cut the NIH’s budget from the previous year. Moreover, we should note that President George W. Bush, a Republican, is responsible for significantly boosting NIH’s funding in the early years of his presidency.

Bottom line, Bush raised NIH funding, Obama cut it.

As for the CDC, you will see … a similar pattern. The numbers have bounced around $6.5 billion in recent years. (CDC receives both an appropriation from Congress and, since 2010, hundreds of millions of dollars from the Prevention and Public Health Fund established by the Affordable Care Act.) Before 2008, the agency received less than $6 billion a year. In fiscal year 2013, the White House proposed a cut in CDC’s funding, but Congress added about $700 million. In 2014, the administration again proposed reducing the budget, but Congress boosted it to $6.9 billion.

Again, Obama cut funding and the Republican Congress increased funding.

Kessler’s rating?

Kessler gives the Democrats Four Pinocchios, his maximum “YOU’RE A LIAR” rating.  That’s the same rating President Obama got for “You can keep your doctor” so it looks like Democrats are in the running for “Lie of the Year” again this year.

Please note that Kessler gives this a 4P rating without even looking at how far the CDC/NIH have strayed from their charter.  He doesn’t touch the fact that they are spending taxpayer money on things like why lesbians get fat or why some wives calm down quicker from an argument.  Really.  Oh, and then there’s the money they spent on Michelle’s “school lunch” program.

As we said at the beginning, we believe Democrats ARE Ebola.



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