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Democrat & Black Politicians Don’t Give a Damn About Dead Black Kids.


Democrats are desperate this fall.  With eight days left before the mid-term election they’re frantically working to get their base – the black vote – to the polls to avert a tsunami.  Their latest display of complete hypocrisy is the circus that’s been going on in Ferguson, MO for the last couple of months.

They’re hoping the officer-involved shooting of an 18 year old thug who attacked the officer will turn the election for them.  It’s obvious to anyone with a double digit IQ that Democrats understand that they’ve conditioned the so-called “black community” to respond to the race card, and with the major media doing the Full Lewinsky for the past six years they can be sure no one will hold them accountable.

Their position is that racism is destroying blacks.  In fact, it’s blacks who are destroying blacks and neither the so-called leadership in the black community or the Democratic Party give a damn.  All they want is to have a consolidated political base and in order to keep them consolidated they need to keep them ignorant.  That’s why we get reactions like this from a mess like Ferguson.

For many African Americans, this is shaping up to be the Ferguson Election.

Around the country, black voters are being mobilized to vote in the 2014 midterms with the argument that the death of Michael Brown resulted, in part, from lack of black civic participation.

In other words, to mobilize the vote Democrats and the black leadership are using the justified shooting of a young black man who attacked a cop.  They don’t give a damn about Michael Brown beyond the ability to use his death to rally a few voters to consolidate their hold on power.  And if they’re successful they won’t do thing to address the real problems facing blacks because that would make them independent from their need for the current version of what passes for black leadership and the Democratic Party.

If you’d like to know what the REAL problem in the black community looks like, and a problem that nobody seems willing to face, let alone talk about, it looks like Antonio Johnson.

ST. LOUIS • Antonio Johnson should be taking a spelling test today with the rest of his fourth-grade class at Froebel Elementary School in St. Louis.

Instead, the boy, 11, was shot in the head Wednesday night as he sat in his home. On the boy’s desk chair, visible through a window Thursday, was one of Antonio’s class assignments for the week: to spell 13 words and use each in a sentence.

The first word on the spelling list: “unsafe.”

“He was just a model student,” said Donna Horton, his teacher at Froebel Elementary, who made the assignment to the class. “He gave 100 percent, whatever he did. Anyone would love to have him in their class.”

An eleven year old boy is murdered randomly in a walk-by shooting.  The perp, who has been on the loose for seven months, walked up to his home, broke a window, stood on a side wall, and fired eight or ten rounds randomly into the house.  Antonio wasn’t supposed to be the target, it’s likely one of his older, teenaged brothers who had been shot before was the target.

Unlike widely circulated pictures of Martin & Brown that were years old and represented them in another life, this picture of Antonio Johnson is current.  A young boy who put his mind and heart into being successful in school so he could do better.

The Revs, Al & Jesse, were a no-show.  Eric Holder was busy ducking a House subpoena.  Barack Obama was on his 185th round of golf.  In fairness, all the Republicans were busy too.  But in fairness, Republicans aren’t using Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin to turn out voters in November.

If you really want to know just how hopeless the situation in the “black community” really is, here’s Antonio’s teacher, Donna Horton.

Horton said she is saddened by his death but gratified to learn that Antonio may have been studying each night as she had instructed the class.

She just lost the kid in the class who was motivated to get the hell out of ghetto.  The responsible kid.  The kid who might rise above it all and be a success.  And the best she can do is be saddened.

Life will go on, the same tomorrow as it was yesterday.  And Antonio, a bright young child with real potential, will be just another dead black kid.  And The Revs and Holder and Obama don’t give a rat’s ass about him because he was killed by another black kid and that doesn’t get the base to show up and pull the lever for Democrats.

If Barack Obama had a son he would have looked like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.  He wouldn’t have looked anything at all like Antonio Johnson.



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