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Democrat Alison Grimes Won’t Admit She Voted For Obama


Alison Grimes is the  Democrats’ candidate for US Senate in Kentucky.  She’s running against Mitch McConnell.  McConnell has never won by a large margin in any of his Senate races and he’s only up by four against Grimes.  Mitch certainly has the luck of the Irish on his side this year because just a few months ago Grimes was up by almost double digits.  Then, she opened her mouth.

First, as we reported, she got caught lying about her support for coal.  Coal is the lynchpin of the Kentucky economy and nobody is going to win a statewide election by campaigning against coal, so she’s been talking about how much she loooooooves coal.  Project Veritas sent in a hidden camera and caught several of her campaign workers laughing about how “of course she’s lying, she has to lie to win.”  Needless to say, that’s not playing well.

And now, just a week later, we’ve got Grimes making a complete fool of herself at a taped interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board.  That’s the largest newspaper in Kentucky.  She was asked a simple question, “Did you vote for Barack Obama?”  Here’s the result.

Alison Grimes is a lifelong Democrat.  Her family is all Democrats.  Her father was once head of the Kentucky Democratic Party.  He had to resign because he was convicted of an ethics violation.  Alison was Secretary of State in Kentucky, so it’s not like she’s a virgin when it comes to statewide politics in Kentucky.

Anyway, she’s a lifelong Democrat.  Of course she voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  Just how stupid does she think voters are?  Well, obviously, pretty stupid.  Even a novice like we are would have been smart enough to say, “Of course I voted for Obama, I’m a Democrat.  I’m not happy about his positions on COAL or jobs or guns, but there’s no way I could bring myself to vote for John McCain or Mitt Romney, and as the Senator from Kentucky, I’m going work to change the President’s positions on those things.”

See, wasn’t that easy?

Alison couldn’t bring herself to do that.  Instead, she gets caught mumbling incoherently about the sanctity of the ballot, etc.  As we said, Mitch McConnell has the luck of the Irish.

We guessing it will be Mitch by about 8.



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