Dem Senators Run From Their ObamaCare Votes: VIDEO

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Now that millions of Americans have lost their health plans, couldn’t keep their doctor – even though they liked them – and the country is hip to the plain fact that ObamaCare is a nightmare; Democrat Senators are trying to pretend they never voted for it.

Dems-retiring-Obamacare-e1393260509269These Dems who stuck us with this national nightmare say they never supported it and want nothing to do with Obama or ObamaCare as they desperately try to get re-elected and hold onto the Senate in November.

Case in point: Our guy Jason Mattera, author of the new best-seller “CRAPITALISM” tracked down a couple such Democrats – Mark Pryor and Mark Begich – who hysterically scurry away from Jason and any questions about their votes cast to saddle us with this disaster.

Here’s the video:

Wow – there are your Arkansas and Alaska Senators looking like conniving fools.

Hope Jason keeps this up – it’s the only real journalism we got going for us!

Try your best to keep up with Jason HERE:

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