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Dana Loesch: Gun Control is the REAL ‘War on Women’ [VIDEO]


Over the last few years, Americans have been told a variety of tall tales about the mythical “war on women,” by liberals looking for any way possible to encourage women to sell their souls and vote Democrat.

Most of the rhetoric vomited out by raging liberal feminists about Republicans “oppressing” women comes from the idea that it’s somehow wrong to tell a woman she doesn’t have the right to murder an unborn child. Or that fellow taxpayers and employers shouldn’t be responsible for paying for her birth control.

Oh, the horrible chains of oppression. No free birth control and murdering my kid is illegal, whatever shall I do?

Fortunately, there are a few voices of reason still left in the world, such as conservative firecracker Dana Loesch.

Loesch agrees there’s a war on women, but it has nothing to do with being denied access to free abortions and birth control. No, the real war on women is the assault on the Second Amendment being carried out by radical progressives.

From Fox News Insider:

Calling to mind President Obama’s 2008 comments during his first presidential campaign, Loesch referred to herself and her family as “bitter clingers”. And she highlighted that the anti-gun agenda is a key part of any “war on women” that is going on.

“Firearms are the ultimate equalizer. I am five-six, I am about 125-127. In my mind I’m like six-foot-two, 250 pounds. If I’m unarmed and a man is going to come and do something to me, we can see Lara Croft in the theater but I’m not Lara Croft in real life. Statistically, I will be overtaken. Unless I have that equalizer,” she said.

Loesch pointed out that – unlike the right to vote – women have always had the right to bear arms and should resist any attempts by people likeMichael Bloomberg to restrict access to firearms.

Watch the latest video at

That is one sharp gal.

Loesch is absolutely right. Liberals have been droning on and on about “rape culture” and wanting to come up with some magical lollipops and rainbows solution for sexual assault.

News flash, folks!

The solution for sexual assault already exists. It’s a Smith & Wesson .45 loaded with a magazine full of hollow point bullets. Great equalizer indeed.

Stripping away a woman’s right to defend herself is a real crime that has real negative consequences for women who live in the real world. A world full of big, scary people who would do them serious harm if left completely unprotected.

Unfortunately, Loesch’s common sense approach to guns will overload liberal brains, which will immediately shut down and resort to name calling and throwing tantrums about their inability to afford a few pills to keep from getting pregnant, rather than sparking genuine and meaningful discussion.




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