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Cousin of Michael Brown Victim of Metal Pipe Beating by Brown Family


The Michael Brown case in Ferguson descends into further chaos, if that was at all possible. Reports indicate that one person associated with Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, upon finding other Brown relatives selling t-shirts and other Michael Brown-related merchandise, assaulted one of them (a cousin) with a metal pipe, and grabbed merchandise and a money box containing about $1400. The victim was hospitalized, and as of this writing, no arrests have been made.

metal pipeThis event followed recent statements McSpadden had recently made denouncing the practice by other relatives of profiteering from the tragedy.

From the beginning of the Micheal Brown case in Ferguson Missouri, cooler heads have not prevailed. Those exploiting this event have used the tactic of inciting violence and using the threat of violence to achieve their purposes.

But it appears that the handlers cannot stoke violent emotions week after week, and then expect organized and civilized behavior by the people whose emotions they exploit.

(h/t FoxNews)


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