Christians May Be Unwittingly Hastening America’s Transformation

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It’s a bold statement to make that Christians may be unwittingly hastening America’s transformation but it needs to be said.

Most Christians would be shocked to think that they had anything to do with negatively impacting the country that they love so much and have, in many cases, even fought to protect.

However, it needs to be discussed because America as we know it is being changed beyond recognition on a daily basis.

As state primaries occur and as the 2016 elections draw near, it is high time that Christians recognize their invaluable potential in changing the course of our country.

For far too long now, many Christians have chosen to stay home instead of getting out to vote in national, state, and local elections. The reasons vary for their apathy, but commonly there are two factors which keep Christians home.

Either Christians believe that there is no one worth electing because the candidate does not hold their same Biblical beliefs or Christians wonder if they, pursuant to Biblical principles, should even vote at all.

While I am not a Biblical scholar, I know one thing for certain and that is the Bible is not filled with a lot of indifference or the absence of actions taken by Christians.

David didn’t slay Goliath by staying home. Joshua didn’t bring down the walls of Jericho by refusing to obey God’s direction to join in the battle.

Certainly, Christ didn’t raise Lazarus from the dead by choosing not to travel to Bethany. Christ was anything but apathetic. He stood for truth and continued to speak out until the day He was crucified. He was and is a model for Christians to follow.

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Christians have many modern day battles that call for them to respond.

Every day in the news there are stories about Planned Parenthood and their continuing efforts to abort unborn children.

Christians can effectuate positive change in this area by opposing congressional, presidential, or even state and local candidates who are in favor of abortion.

By not voting, Christians are tacitly showing their approval or at least not voicing their opposition to this highly controversial issue.

Additionally, problems involving the education of Christian children are at the core of Biblical principles and need the support of Christians everywhere.

Issues regarding how children are raised and the principles they are taught are at the forefront of importance to most parents or guardians.

Only parents or guardians should determine what is ultimately appropriate for their children to learn or eat in school, not the government.

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Parents or guardians need to attend local school board meetings, extracurricular school activities, and other important school meetings concerning their children to ensure that moral principles are being taught.

Christians standing up and speaking out in local school districts is a reminder to government that parents, not government, are ultimately in charge of their children’s education.

Parents may also have to consider changing school districts, enrolling their child into charter schools, searching for faith-based programs, or looking at the benefits of homeschooling in order to remain in control.

Recently, it was discovered, that while spending less toward each child’s education, charter schools, produce far better educational results than do traditional public schools. Charter schools, typically do not get extensive funding that traditional public schools receive from the federal government. What charter schools do receive, however, appears to be used more efficiently.

In addition, because charter schools are not heavily funded by the government, they appear far more receptive to parent decision-making in their programs.

You may recall earlier this year, that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, moved to prevent three charter schools from using public space. His actions caused some charter schools to close. His unilateral decision, took the issue out of the hands of parents and placed it solely in the hands of government.

De Blasio only began to backtrack on his decision when those who had helped him get elected, began to voice their displeasure because their children attended the very charter schools he closed.

Had proponents not raised concerns, de Blasio’s plan to rid New York City of charter schools may have succeeded, leaving parents with one less excellent choice.

To paraphrase, Christians are the salt of the earth and the light of the world, according to Matthew 5:13-14. Remaining complacent, when it comes to the important issues in this country that impact our children and our constitutional rights, surely is not what God envisioned for Christians when He said those words.

Freedom of choice allows all of us to continue to shape this country and this world. This does not mean taking away the rights of others in the process. What it does mean, however, and what history has shown us is that we are obligated to be preservers of the truth and freedom until the very end.

Christians may hold the key to stopping or at least slowing the transformation of this country into an unrecognizable nation. Taking no action guarantees that we will continue to see our constitutional rights eroded and our right to speak out as Christians eventually suppressed.

Choose this election season to make a difference for yourself, your children, and others! Get out and vote!

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