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Bringing Ferguson Down Slowly


After two months of community violence, protests and unrest, Ferguson may finally get an answer to agitators’ demands that police Officer Darren Wilson be strung up like a Christmas decoration for the fatal shooting of a black teen.

It’s sounding like it’s not going to be the answer the imported professional seditionists want, however.

The Obama Administration, after contributing to the race storm by appearing to side with the protesters against the police department in the early weeks of the investigation, is now trying to defuse the bomb it helped create by leaking bits and pieces of the investigation to the New York Times and other allied media groups.

Former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch told the local CBS affiliate, KMOX, that the Ferguson case was now entering “phase two” — “coordinate leaks to the media, and to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly,” he said. “When I say this is phase two – phase one was really Eric Holder’s announcement how they were going to basically do a complete review and take over the Ferguson Police Department.”

The information that is being leaked suggests that it is “probably very unlikely” charges will be pressed against Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, Fitch said.

Obvious fictions of the Ferguson protesters and gangsta “witnesses” aside, it was apparent from the start that this was probably a justified shooting.

The early narrative had it that Brown and a friend were just walkin’ along, minding their own business, when from out of the blue, a police cruiser pulled up, and the officer hassled the kids and shot Brown for no reason at all, even though the “gentle giant” had his hands up and was screaming “don’t shoot.”

The truth seems to be quite different, however, painting a picture of a violent teenage thug who had ripped off a convenience store and beaten the clerk earlier in the evening. When a police officer stopped him on the street, the thug assaulted him inside his police cruiser, apparently in an effort to take the officer’s gun. Once outside the cruiser, the suspect turned and charged the officer, forcing him to shoot.

“Physical evidence has no reason to lie,” Fitch said. “It doesn’t see things differently. … If there was a struggle inside that car over a firearm, it sounds to me like Officer Wilson would have been justified in taking the action he did if he pulled the trigger and actually shot Michael Brown in the vehicle area.”

Regardless of what the evidence shows, the feds and local law enforcement have allowed this thing to percolate for two months, egged on by Marxist agitators who have descended upon Ferguson from throughout the United States. The mob mentality is firmly in place.

If Wilson is not charged, he should remain under protection, and Ferguson residents should prepare for the worst.


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