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BREAKING: Ebola Possibilities: Do the Math


First Obama tells us it won’t reach America. Then we’re told it’s under control. Now, “don’t worry, procedures are in place..” Etc. Will someone do the math on the following:?

It’s being widely reported that the nurse who treated patient #1 (Duncan) in Dallas knew she was on a watch list for symptoms, knew all about the Ebola virus, but actually was allowed to get on a commercial plane to Cleveland, come back on a different plane to Dallas – THEN started feeling sick.

What kind of frickin’ idiots are running things here? This administration is either outright stupid or just looking for a reason to declare martial law – because that’s where this is heading. FAST.

Do the math here: We don’t know exactly how the virus spreads, when, where, airborn, through clothing and protective gear or not? Yet, these nimrods say a travel ban from virusVille in Africa is not necessary and let Health Care Workers in Dallas “self-monitor”?

Sure enough, back from her trip to Cleveland, the nurse felt sick, went into quarantine and was diagnosed with Ebola. Talk about closing the barn door after the bacteria gets out?

Fact is, we have no idea if she could have infected both planeloads of people. Do the math.

The CDC says she was showing no symptoms, yet there are airline personnel reports of her having some possible symptoms on the return flight.

Then, there’s the people at the airport, a restaurant, doormen, the cab, the people with whom she met, neighbors, the convenience or gift store and so on. Does Cleveland have a WalMart? Are they going to be able to review the security cameras to determine who she may have coughed near?

Can this Administration identify even 2% of the folks she’s been near? They can’t even ask the right questions of a guy coming over from Liberia who is ALREADY INFECTED!

There are serious questions from professionals that perhaps Ebola is transmissible prior to symptoms being present. Is her boyfriend in the hospital with symptoms? I’ve read rumors – but rumors at this point must be acted on.

Do the math, then think of worst case scenario.

You might think that involves a lot of folks dying from Ebola. Not me. I wonder who all will have Ebola 21 days after this man might have infected them, but worst case scenario is vigilantism and martial law.

Keep away from my ranch if that’s the case, by the way..


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