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Blacks in DC: Legalize Pot so We Don’t Go to Jail [video]


Half of the population of D.C. is African American. More arrests for pot possession in the District are also of African Americans. One idea for reducing the arrests of blacks is to legalize the object of their desire. And, of course, the same theory holds true for the whites, Latinos and Asisans who violate current law. Legalize whatever it is that is currently illegal. Viola! No crime : no arrest.

If we make auto theft legal and home invasion legal, we’ll reduce the number of crimes by . . . who knows, a lot! While we’re at it, let’s legalize drunk driving and kiddie porn. Think of all the savings for law enforcement agencies, and the judicial and prison systems. And what a decrease there will be in the crying of foul by detainees.

Somebody stop me, I’m cracking myself up here.

h/t: Inform
Advocates for racial justice are pushing to legalize marijuana in the nation’s capital. That sets a District of Columbia pot referendum apart from states where the debate focused on taxing and regulating marijuana. Black people make up roughly half the population in the District, where an outsized number of African-Americans have been arrested on minor drug charges. And a poll last month showed voters are nearly 2-to-1 in favor of legalizing pot next month. But D.C. remains under the thumb of Congress, which could thwart the will of District voters.

Of course, we’ll have to pour money into victims’ advocacy, drug rehabilitation programs, anger and PTSD management, suicide prevention, and coroner and mortuary services.

Can I get a loud round of “DUH”?



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