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Elbert Guillory – black Republican in Louisiana, is running down incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu – and let me tell you my friends – I have not seen a beatdown like this in a while.

I cannot remember an instance where I just sit there and say, “there is absolutely nothing I could add to this video. It’s perfect. Awesome. Stone-cold, slam-dunk ass-kicking if I’ve ever seen one.”

h/t: Rebel Pundit
Elbert Guillory is a US Senate candidate in Louisiana, running against incumbent Senator, Mary Landrieu. Guillory is an African American running as a Republican. A recently released video has gained national attention and has been called “The most powerful message of the 2014 mid-terms.” Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal wrote

Republicans regularly complain that Democrats take the black vote for granted, and rightly so, but seldom have I seen this argument made as cogently and eloquently as Mr. Guillory makes it. “Mary Landrieu knows that she doesn’t have to do anything for our community,” he says, “because no matter what she does 95% of us will line up and vote for her every time.” If other Republicans are looking for an effective message of black outreach, they ought to give Mr. Guillory a call.

Black Louisiana State Senator Destroys Mary Landrieu in this Video


If the people of Louisiana do not elect this guy, they deserve another good washing down.

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