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The Biden Family: Plugs & Drugs


The Bible says a son is not responsible for the sins of his Father and that is often interpreted to mean don’t involve the children of people just because you have an issue with them.

chelsea-clinton-1995Which I interpret to mean don’t drag a politician’s kids into the conversation because it’s not their fault their parents or parent went into politics.

So when the mainstream media left Chelsea Clinton alone (for the most part) I applauded them and the same goes for the troubled son of Al Gore – arrested multiple times for drug possession.

Al Gore IIIThe media left the kid alone. Good for them.

Of course, those were Democrats and there were a whole set of new rules installed for the children of George and Laura Bush.

Those kids were not left alone, but harassed, photoed, reported on, followed and exposed for everything and anything they might say or do.

And don’t get me started on Sarah Palin’s family. The press lied, dogged and snapped photos over fences to get to those kids – even saying one of her children wasn’t even hers.

The mainstream press is a bunch of biased scumbags. Thus, this article.

How does it feel? Not good, but it’s time to fight fire with fire:


Sorry, wrong Hunter..

First we read that Hunter Biden, a 44-year-old lawyer looking to pad his political resume with a Navy Reserve stint (in his 40’s for his first enrollment?) was drummed out of said Navy because he tested positive for coke.

What kind of dumbass knows he’s going to be drug-tested and maybe his career ruined – but still has to get coked-up?

The answer is: An addict, probably.

And Joe Biden’s other kid, Ashley? Party girl – coke, pot, arrested for possession, whatever – right?

Hat tip NY Post:

Ashley Biden “was a hot freshman that every guy wanted to be with,” said Nat Berman, a Tulane University classmate, who said he bailed Ashley out of jail after her 1999 marijuana arrest in New Orleans, for which no conviction was recorded.

ashleybiden“She was very attractive.

“Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl,” Berman said. “She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot.” Berman, 30, wrote on his blog,, after Joseph Biden’s election as vice president last November about Ashley’s partying.

Normally, I’d feel pretty bad about this kind of reporting, but you know what liberals? Screw you. How does it feel? Did you feel bad about printing and repeated ad nauseum about Ms. Palin’s beautiful baby not being hers? She’s a grandmother – does that matter?

How do you think Barbara Bush felt about reading the things you printed about her grandchildren? Put yourself in her shoes ever?

The answer is no. Liberals don’t understand anything except destruction. I’m up for it. Brace yourselves.


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