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Ben Affleck Calls Bill Maher a Bigot [video]


Bill Maher, the man famous for hating religion, is now becoming infamous for hating one religion in particular: Islam.

Bill Maher is about as liberal as they come. His show, “Real Time with Bill Maher” serves as a soapbox for his rants about principles dear to liberals’ hearts: ending violence, embracing political correctness, gaining equality for women.

Maher, however, is critical of liberals for their passive approach to Islamic ideologies about western culture, religion and treatment of women; ideologies which suppress freedoms for most Muslims: freedom of thought, speech and actions.

Ben Affleck burst into a verbal attack of Maher and athiest Sam Harris in defense of Islamic people. Affleck missed the point that Maher is opposed to Islamic extremists’ ideas and “people who believe in those ideas.” Affleck moved so far to the left he tilted beyond recovery and his liberal host didn’t come to his aid.

Watch the video:

Sam Harris is quoted in Real Clear Politics as saying, “. . .when you talk about the treatment of women and homosexuals and free thinkers and public intellectuals in the Muslim world . . .liberals have failed us.”

Why aren’t liberals on the bandwagon criticizing ideologies that are so fundamentally opposed to their liberal thinking? Gagged by political correctness, they are keeping silent.



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