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Ben Affleck Perpetuating Misogyny? Preview ‘Gone Girl’ to See


Ben Affleck returns to the big screen this week in the film version of best-selling novel Gone Girl. It promises to be a suspenseful flick about a missing woman whose husband (Affleck) becomes the primary suspect in her disappearance. Also stars Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris.

Here’s what some critics are saying. h/t: E!

And while Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson deems the film to be “a resonant success,” he notes, too, that from one perspective, the story is told with “definite cleverness but also a strong whiff of misogyny.”

“But seen from another angle, Gone Girl is a keen, admirably risky dissection, and immolation, of the ways that women inflict ideals of perfect, appealing femininity on themselves and each other. (And how men are more than complicit in that.)”

There are also those, like Scott Mendelson of Forbes, who might recognize that yes, it’s “easy to see the film as a look at gender roles in a somewhat typical marriage,” and that while he “could nitpick If I so chose,” he takes it as a whole. On end? He writes, “Gone Girl is a terrifically enjoyable Hollywood movie in the best sense of the term.”



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