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Barack Obama’s October Surprise


Political campaigns are famous for trotting out an “October Surprise” on their opponents.  In 2000, Al Gore accused George Bush of getting a DWI 30 years prior.  Apparently a lot of “values voters” decided they couldn’t vote for anybody who’d had a drink too many 30 years prior and it cost Bush a hefty number of popular votes.

Every election has rumbles of a “surprise” and this year is no different.  Well, there is one difference this year and we’ll point that out in just a moment.

Barack Obama is about as popular on the campaign trail for Democrats as Ebola.  Maybe less popular, you can apparently survive Ebola and a Democratic campaign probably won’t survive a visit from the Royal Narcissist.  That’s why you see all of the Democratic Senators up for election this year even refusing to say that they voted for the President in either of the last two Presidential elections.  The President even went so far as to say that they should do anything they have to in order to get elected and it won’t hurt his feelings.

Then came this little gem.

“These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of ME…”  Heh.  Mr. Obama just put himself on the ballot.  Thanks Barack.

Now then, let’s talk about the “won’t hurt my feelings” meme.

Here’s what Josh Earnest had to say, speaking for the President, about the upcoming elections.

Here come the bus, here come the bus, order on the sidewalk, get under that bus!

For you youngsters reading this, that is a paraphrase of a sketch from Laugh In, back in the age of enlightenment.

To sum up the position of “the judge” – and that would be one Barack H. Obama – you’re on your own suckers!  The difference between this year’s “October Surprise” and every other year’s “October Surprise” is that this year Barack pulled the surprise on his own party.


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