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Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved! [VIDEO]


Could it be true? Could we finally have some tiny bit of closure on the mystery of Amelia Earheart? is reporting that researchers at The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) seem to think so.

They claim to have verified a piece of aluminum aircraft debris did come from Earhart’s Lockheed Electra. It was a patch  installed on the Electra during the aviator’s  stay in Miami in June  of 1937.

22V1insituYou will notice the shiny patch on Earheart’s plane on the right. The scrap was discovered in 1991 in Nikumaroro in the southwestern Pacific Republic of Kiribati.

If true, this is historic. The fate of Earhart has been debated since the moment she  and her navigator,Fred Noonan went missing in  July of 1937.

Although widely believed to have crashed in the Pacific Ocean, many theories have cropped up over the years trying to determine the fate of the pair. Some have said that she became a  spy for FDR. Others theorized that they were captured  by the Japanese.

Miami_taxiingThe most famous theory claimed that Earhart was one of the many women chosen to serve as Tokyo Rose in the famous propaganda radio broadcasts.

It was even surmised that she survived the world flight, moved to New Jersey, changed her name, remarried and became Irene Craigmile Bolam.

Earhart’s mother believed from the very beginning that her daughter had crashed on Nikumaroro. Could momma have always been right? Mom’s have a great track record of being so!


Amelia Earhart Mystery: Metal Debris Is Likely From Her Plane

A fragment of Amelia Earhart’s lost aircraft has been identified to a high degree of certainty for the first time ever since her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator.

New research strongly suggests that a piece of aluminum aircraft debris recovered in 1991 from Nikumaroro, an uninhabited atoll in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, does belong to Earhart?s twin-engined Lockheed Electra.


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