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Alison Grimes’ Campaign: Kentucky Support of Coal is Stupid


James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas is knocking it out of the park again as their latest investigation captures five employees of Democrat Alison Grimes campaign in Kentucky, as well as local Democrat Party officials, admitting on camera they believe Grimes is lying about her support of her state’s vital coal industry.

This is a riot and would normally be on every newscast in America – a major political Party in a conspiracy to lie to entire State – but of course, the major media will ignore it..


Here you go – watch as Mitch McConnell’s opponent is shredded by her own campaign workers:

Well Kentucky…You didn’t want Matt Bevin, now you have your choice between the douche Mitch McConnel and the turd Allison Grimes. Good job. — Brad Cooper


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