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86% of America: Man, I Feel Like a Redskin!


Take heart, American Patriots! The heart of this nation is not lost. In spite of a multiple-year onslaught by the Democrats, by the Fascist Police, by the Left-Wing Media, to shame the Washington Redskins into changing their name now, there’s no point in real Americans hiding in the closet. By an 86-14 margin, Americans are singing it like Shania: Man, I Feel Like a Redskin!

OK, eyes back here please…

redskins_banner_flatFrom all the media reporting, would you EVER have thought that America, by a 6-to-1 margin, has no interest in joining the media and democrats in forcing the Washington Redskins to change their name to the Washington Skirts?

This is what the Left-Media people do. Whatever might be the latest item that has their panties all bunched up, especially if they can turn somebody in to a scapegoat, they start on a campaign of noise, blame, and character assassination, doing their best to sway the public to turn against the enemy-de-jour. Whether the public agrees or not, the media firestorm creates the false perception that the public is clamoring for action on the issue. Naturally, the focused political muscle of Democrats (and their bureaucracy) coupled with the political cowardice of Republicans, can often lead to the government ruining and wrecking the scapegoat and any who would come to their aid.

For a classic example, did you know that Toyota, as of 2012, had been fined over $65 million by Obama’s Transportation Secretary, the aptly-named Ray LaHood, over 4 separate “untimely reporting” of (ticky-tacky) issues. Why? [Because Obama owns General Motors, a direct competitor of Toyota, why do you think?] It was made politically possible because of a sustained media-Democrat smear campaign over “unintended acceleration” which to this day has not been substantiated. For contrast, you might want to see how General Motors was treated in 2014 over issues that had gone unreported for years.

shania_feel_like_woman_4Past and present scapegoats are a long, long list, because if there’s anything so-called liberals love to do, it’s scapegoat: Toyota (remember that “inintended acceleration” myth?) , coal, fracking, “climate deniers”, Republican “obstructionists”, all those “racists” who favor common-sense Voter ID laws, Arizona, Texas (in just about every way possible), any person or business or state that has a principled opposition to homosexual “marriage”, and hey, I’m just getting warmed up.

Sadly, the Left-Media has had some success, in many of these cases, in either turning public opinion or turning political power against the scapegoat.

In the case of the Washington Redskins, the Left-Media has succeeded in turning up political heat, but in the arena of public opinion? Not so much.

You know why? Because the American people, at some level, still have a certain amount of common sense.

I mean when American Indians themselves embrace the name Redskins – they even have majority-Indian schools with Redskins as their sports team names.

In 2004, the National Annenberg Election Survey asked 768 people who identified themselves as Indian whether they found the name “Washington Redskins” offensive. Almost 90 percent said it did not bother them.

North Dakota was the scene of a similar controversy over the state university’s Fighting Sioux nickname. It was decisively scrapped in a 2012 statewide vote — after the Spirit Lake reservation voted in 2010 to keep it.

So hey, Indians don’t mind if you just keep on singing it: Man, I feel like a Redskin!



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