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800-Pound Man Goes Viral Pumping Iron [video]


It’s a workout that, while awesome, doesn’t seem to be working out. The guy weighs 800-lbs and I don’t think it’s all muscle under there pumping iron. Some background:

Not too long ago Disneyland park closed its attraction called It’s a Small World, which takes riders through a song-filled tour of international dolls. Diversity and peace are the themes. Why did they close the ride? In a minute.

small world

. . . for dietary reasons.

The song that replays in several languages emphasizes that “a smile means friendship to everyone.” You leave the ride feeling euphoric, ready to embrace strangers.

Disneyland closed its musical united nations theme ride because the general public has become so obese the existing tracks couldn’t handle the loads of fat park goers. Heavier duty steel rails were needed before the ride could resume operation.

How’s that connected to Larry Evans of St. Louis? Larry became ‘morbidly obese’ reaching a final weight of 794 pounds. He would be one Disney fan who would strain the old tracks. But, with friendly encouragement and personal commitment, Larry is slimming down. His workout videos are gaining a following. Strangers want to embrace and support him via social media.

Take a look, h/t: via New York Post:

Most Americans, myself included, face a weight loss challenge. We spend billions on supplements, gym memberships and workout equipment. What’s lacking is the kind of personal commitment like Larry’s.

My own sister, before dying at age 38, was as big around as she was tall. That means she was about 60 inches at the waist. At only 5 feet tall, she should have been about 25 inches at the waist for health reasons. Her weight contributed to her early death. I am sure of that.

After seeing Larry’s video and reflecting on my sister’s poor health, I’ve become determined to use my gym membership, and lose these pesky extra 20 pounds. When I reach my goal weight . . .  I’m going to Disneyland!

Be a loser.



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