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78-year-old Panhandler Angers Good Samaritan [video]


Recently I published a story about my own experiences being turned down by homeless people after offering to buy them a meal, instead of giving cash; and another experience of having my generosity taken advantage of by a man who attempted to finangle two Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiatos with whipped cream out of my offer of a cup of coffee.

This video shows the reaction of a Good Samaritan after seeing the 78-year-old panhandler he’d given $15 get into her new Fiat. And he is only one of the generous people she’s duped. There’s a surprise ending.

I wonder how one goes about getting a license to beg for money on the street. Do you have to have a business plan? Or pay taxes on your earnings? Oh, nevermind, I couldn’t go to work in my pajamas like I can now.


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