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Wisconsin Voter ID: Dems Smacked in the Courts Again


From the Pigs-Are-Now-Flying Desk, this just in (h/t HotAir): Another twist has developed in the multi-front court battles over state-enacted Voter ID laws. Friday the Seventh Court of Appeals stayed a lower-court injunction, thus allowing Wisconsin to enact their Voter ID law in this November’s election, pending the results of a permanent ruling later.

Dems lose public support, run to courts

These court battles are mostly due to Eric Holder’s DOJ and other leftist front groups filing lawsuits against the extremely popular laws — popular by a 74-19 margin, in case you wondered. In April, a federal judge threw out Wisconsin’s Voter ID law. Understanding an appeal was coming, he imposed a temporary injunction on Wisconsin, barring it from enacting the law in the upcoming November elections. Such an injunction is the court’s way of saying “we don’t think you’ll win your appeal, so we’re not going to let the law be enforced in the meantime”.

Governor Scott Walker’s administration appealed that ruling on the on grounds that Wisconsin’s Voter ID law was essentially identical to that of Indiana, whose law was upheld in the US Supreme Court in 2008. Further, they asked for a quick ruling on the injunction.


Late Friday, the Seventh Circuit Appeals Court over-ruled the lower court’s injunction:

Having read the briefs and heard oral argument, this court now stays the injunction issued by the district court. The State of Wisconsin may, if it wishes (and if it is appropriate under rules of state law), enforce the photo ID requirement in this November’s elections.

because, ha ha…..

The panel has concluded that the state’s probability of success on the merits of this appeal is sufficiently great that the state should be allowed to implement its law, pending further order of this court.


For those who have not followed any of this

The Democrats are predictably screaming over this. Their primary spoken claim is that requiring a photo ID puts an undue burden on poorer and minority voters (because, um, so many have no photo ID’s, apparently, and can’t be troubled to go get one) and that of course Republicans want this law for precisely that reason. Democrats’ primary unspoken issue is that simple Voter ID checks cut way back on their cheating.

Republicans counter that requiring a photo ID is far from onerous, and that it’s badly needed to ensure that each person’s right to vote is not negated by voter fraud.

Voter ID laws require voters to show a form of photo identification — no more stringent than ID requirements to fly airlines, to write a check at any retail store, to enter a federal building, or any of 1,001 normal day-to-day tasks. Virtually every state has included provisions aimed at making official state-issued ID’s free and convenient for those who need one — they will actually pick up somebody at home and bring them to the government office to get their ID. Yet the Democrats industriously circulate claims of racism.

This case is not over. The injunction has been stayed, but the case remains before Seventh Court of Appeals. They will at some point rule. And win-or-lose, there are numerous cases before numerous lower courts. Rulings are conflicting. The United States Supreme Court will at some point have to settle all these under a united ruling.
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