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U.S. Embassy in Libya Overtaken by Islamic Militants


Our U.S. Embassy in Libya was the scene of a wild pool party Sunday, when fully dressed militants took over the vacant compound.  Life has never been this good for the terrorists! Obama, Kerry and Hillary could not attend . . .  for obvious reasons.

Barack Obama said he doesn’t have a strategy and I guess he meant that as kind of a blanket statement moving forward on all foreign policy.

libya1My grandmother said that silence was consent and although she was trying to teach the young girls in the family to make sure the boys knew exactly where they stood – the lesson here is that if you don’t have a clue, try not to open your mouth and let everyone know.

Obama has given every tw0-bit gangsta with their pants around their thighs the green-light to kick our asses where they find us.

h/t: Fox News

An Islamic militant group said Sunday it has “secured” a U.S. Embassy compound in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli.

American personnel evacuated the area roughly a month ago amid ongoing fighting in the country.

An Associated Press journalist walked through the compound Sunday after the Dawn of Libya, an umbrella group for Islamist militias, invited onlookers inside.

Windows at the compound had been broken, but it appeared most of the equipment there remained untouched.

The breach of a deserted U.S. diplomatic post likely will reinvigorate debate in the U.S. over its role in Libya, more than three years after supporting rebels who toppled dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

A commander for the Dawn of Libya group said his forces had entered and been in control of the compound since last week.

“We’ve seen the reports and videos and are seeking additional details.” a senior State Department official told Fox News late Sunday. “At this point, we believe the Embassy compound itself remains secure but we continue to monitor the situation on the ground, which remains very fluid.”

“We continue to work with the Government of Libya and other parties on issues of concern. Our Ambassador and other officials remain engaged both in Washington and from our Embassy in Valetta, Malta, where Embassy staff from Tripoli were recently relocated,” the official said.

No U.S. military or assets were guarding the property after the State Department pulled out.
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All in a day’s work for this State Department. Or perhaps it’s a welcome event to distract from.. uh, what is it we’re trying to distract from today? Oh, yeah – the fact that the President hasn’t a clue or a plan or a strategy moving forward against this or any other militant group invading wherever.

It’s kind of ironic that John Kerry is heading up this operation, which requires military expertise. He has none. It shows.

I damn near said it’s better than Hillary, but I can’t really back that up..



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