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Our Warrior President: Right Here..


Barack Obama has now made the transition from “Code Pink President” to “Warrior President.”  From at least 2002 Obama was adamantly opposed to the war.  He actually voted against the war at every turn – a vast turnaround from his voting “present” at every opportunity as an Illinois State Senator.  He campaigned that he would “end the war” in 2008, and proceeded to make no effort to negotiate a Status of Force Agreement with the Iraqis so he could pull every last vestige of US military out of Iraq.  In fact, President Barack Obama did “end the war,” it certainly didn’t end as a result of a US victory that resulted in a stable Iraqi government.

As a result of his Iraqi pull out President Obama was hailed as a peacemaker.  There really was no discussion about the fact that at the same time was pulling out of Iraq he was planning on doing the same thing to the Afghans, and that was a war he claimed was “the right war.”  One that his commanders said he didn’t believe in and ordered a strategy that he thought would fail.  But hey, it would only take the lives of a few thousand US military to make him look good in the press.  And the military don’t much vote for Barack.

Today we’ve got a new situation in Iraq.  An Islamic group called ISIS (or ISIL if you prefer) is doing what Muslims have been doing for nearly 1,400 years, butchering their neighbors.  And some infidels, in their spare time.  Just a few months ago the President was scoffing at ISIS, calling them the “JV team.”  Now that they’re on the way to taking over Iraq, it would appear they’re no longer the JVs anymore, and it also appears that ISIS has caught the President and his administration completely off guard.

Except for this.

Got that?  He’s been receiving detailed reports about ISIS for over a year.  Of course, unlike every previous President, Mr. Obama doesn’t sit in on those National Security briefs, he gets an electronic copy.  He says he reads it.  We know he pays attention to the sports pages, after all he did have a Presidential Bracket for the Final Four and he could talk in detail to reporters about it.  So far, with ISIS, he’s not been able to put together a coherent strategy beyond attempting to spin the idea that he wasn’t talking about ISIS when he talked about the JVs.  Not even the Washington Post gave him a pass on that one.

The President is fumbling and stumbling into a war in Iraq and Syria.  Today, it’s no ground troops, just some airstrikes, all-the-while the President is slowly increasing the number of “advisers,” but they’re just at the brigade level.  Just like JFK did about 55 years ago.  And again, it’s not really a big deal, just a few thousand of those US military pests with their lives on the line.



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