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Stay On Your Side of the Border or These Chicks Will Kill You


The chicks are soldiers in the Caracal, and they fight like girls–kickass girls who’ve been trained and tested the same as their male counterparts–patrolling the border of Isreal and Egypt.

Details h/t: Daily Mail

Based in the Negev desert, the battalion was formed in the year 2000 following mounting public pressure to allow women to serve in combat positions within the Israeli armed forces.

Beware of chicks at the border.

Beware of chicks at the border.

Now, these images have offered an insight into what life is like within the battalion as the soldiers prepare for a graduation march near the Israeli-Egyptian border, near Azoz, Israel, this week.

While the unit is a mixed gender unit, in 2009, about 70 per cent of the unit was female.

The women who volunteer to join the unit meanwhile go through the same examinations and challenges as exclusively male battalions.


Camouflage make-up being applied.

The unit was named after the caracal, a desert cat that is mainly found across Africa, Central Asia, and Southwest Asia into India, and whose sexes are almost indistinguishable.

According to the Israel Defense Forces blog, the unit patrols the border with Egypt, protecting it from ‘smugglers, infiltrators and terrorists.’

In 2012, the Associated Press reported on a deadly shootout along the border between Israel and Egypt which shone a spotlight on the unit.

According to reports, the battalion responded to a militant attack, leaving three gunmen dead, including one who, according to Israeli officials, was killed by a female soldier.

Deadly aim.

Deadly aim.

Following the incident, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted of the role carried out by the unit during a weekly Cabinet meeting.

Prior to the year 2000, women had not been allowed to take part in combat – but following growing pressure from the public, the Caracal unit was set up and positioned along Israel’s borders with Jordan and Egypt.

While for years the region remained calm, following the fall of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, the Israeli-Egypt border started to see much more conflict.

In April 2012, MailOnline reported how a popular Israeli tourist resort was hit by a rocket attack, which was believed to have been launched by Islamic militants from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

The year before, gunmen from the Sinai infiltrated into Israel and ambushed vehicles on a desert highway, killing eight Israelis in a brazen, co-ordinated attack.

Israel accused Palestinian militants from Gaza of crossing westward into Sinai, making their way along the Israel-Egypt border and crossing back eastward into Israel to carry out the attack.

Don’t let the ponytails fool you. These women are armed and dangerous to intruders into Isreal.



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