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Someone Might Be Offended


The liberal left is constantly going about telling people that they can’t say something, do something, wear something, display something or carry something because “someone might be offended.”  Someone? Just who is this amorphous “someone”? We have a right to face our accusers according to the Constitution’s Sixth Amendment. So who are we to face when “someone” might be offended? Furthermore, we are also given the right of free speech or free expression by the First Amendment. I realize that the First Amendment doesn’t give us carte blanche to say or do anything we want, but it does give us wide latitude. What I don’t find anywhere in our Constitution is the right to not be offended.

Liberals, and those that believe in the nanny state, have taken it upon themselves to be so “sensitive” to insulate anyone that they agree with from being offended, they are creating shrill, professionally offended people… and trouncing on the rights of others in doing so. Most of the time what they are offended by are such things as the American flag is offensive to foreigners. So what? Do you, professionally offended liberal, think that India cares if an American Christian is offended by the multitude of idols that they have all around? Or the Saudis care if we are aghast when they stone a woman for committing adultery or being raped? Nope. So why do we care so much when people come here and get offended by our culture?

Or maybe it isn’t that someone ELSE might be offended, but rather that the supposedly tolerant left is actually very intolerant of anything THEY find offensive, and voice their displeasure using minorities and the oppressed as a front. It is rather interesting that the left only seem to be intolerant of the symbols of Judeo-Christian values or American exceptionalism. They don’t ever seem to be offended by Muslim or Hindu symbols or other countries’ symbols. Why? Because it’s about eradicating anything that gives traditional American values validity so they can be replaced with non-religious and global symbols.

So to all those liberals out there doing this: Save it. Better yet: Stop it. There are many, many Americans who resent YOU trying to tell them what they should value, carry, wear, do, say, or display. I’m not going to tell you what to be offended by because that would make me no better than you. But I will say this: if you want to be offended, make it worthwhile.

Is there anything that offends me? Planes full of passengers being used as guided missiles to kill people for no other reason than that they were living their lives. Journalists getting their heads cut off. Women stoned for being raped. Young men being deceived into thinking that if they kill themselves and others they will have the decadent lifestyle in death that their religion forbids them to have in life. A President that acts more like a King who has zero respect for our country or the Constitution and thinks that if he makes a pronouncement, it should just automatically be so. I’m offended that I barely get by and I’m told that because I’m white I automatically have every advantage so I need to give up the little I have to people who somehow feel entitled to what they were too lazy or supposedly disadvantaged to work for. I’m offended that if I need public assistance I, a citizen by birth in America, can’t get it but every Jose, Ramon, and Luis can ILLEGALLY cross the border and get all the help that they want and then some. I’m offended by people who get offended by things, then if I point out something that they do that offends me, they tell me I’m intolerant, bigoted and racist.

At best, the left has taken sympathy for minorities and the oppressed so far that they are becoming professionally offended. At worst, they are using others as a front and have crossed the line from “fighting the oppressors” into being the oppressors.


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