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Shocker: Eric Cantor Joins Wall Street Firm


In a move that almost no one saw coming, former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, fresh from having his ass handed to him by *GASP* Tea Party candidate David Brat in their Virginia primary, has taken a “job” with a Wall Street investment banking firm.

But here’s the really strange part: The firm who won the bidding for Cantor’s “services,” says young Eric will be advising corporate clients on takeovers and “other deals.”  Wow.

ericThe reason I’m so blown away is because this is the Republican Party that is telling me to vote for them and give them my money because they’re better than the Democrats. Hey, don’t primary my ass with that Tea Party guy – we’re not the Party of Wall Street, we’re the good guys that are going to lower your taxes and defund ObamaCare!

This is the new GOP with John Boehner, Mitch McConnel, my man Thad, Paul Ryan the Boy Wonder and don’t you know these conservatives like Pryor and Hagan – they’re not really Republicans, they need to go. Karl Rove is the architect, baby! C’mon!

If you have a reputation for being a bunch of greedy sell-outs without an ounce of integrity it’s because you come by it honestly. Eric Cantor is, was and will always be a sniveling, backbone-less, co-dependent who was never a conservative. He’s an opportunist and he just heard another loud knock.

cantorI guess we know now why Cantor was so anxious to resign early. No rules about the amount of steak you can eat now. Does he have any background in Wall Street affairs? Does it matter?

Is there any doubt where John Boehner and the rest of the Chamber of Amnesty supporters are headed when they finally get tired of lying to us? Can they possibly be ousted a la Cantor? Will Jerry Brown be crowned King of Cinco De Mayo? I digress..

The revolving door of these Republicans through Congress and into lobbying jobs where they screw the taxpayer has never, and will never end. ObamaCare is here to stay. Amnesty is next.

Reagan knew that once every 30 years the Republican Party needs it’s garage cleaned. I don’t do math.



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