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Senators Have Free Time to be Reality TV Stars?


You gotta be kidding me with this crap? Two Senators have signed on to do a Reality TV Show instead of their job?

It sounds so stupid that it can’t possible be true – but guess what? I checked it out several places and these two idiots are actually trying to divert attention away from beheadings, an invasion of our Southern border, unsustainable debt and unemployment by doing a ridiculous “Survivor” type Reality Show..

Starring themselves?

H/T The

rival-survival-discoveryWashington has gotten so terrible that two senators are willingly sending themselves to a remote island with almost no supplies. And you thought your job was bad?

The result is “Rival Survival,” a one-hour special that will be televised on October 29, just a few days before the midterm elections.

Neither senator is up for re-election. And they followed strict Senate Ethics Committee protocols in order to bring the idea to Discovery.

One must imagine the cable channel jumped at the opportunity.

Both are outdoorsmen, and Flake has done Survivor-style excursions before, albeit without television cameras in tow.

In 2009, he made a solo survivalist trip, and last summer he took a similar four-day trip with two of his sons. They “brought no food and no water,” speared fish for dinner and slept under the stars.

From Discovery’s press release:

Disconnected from the world on an uninhabited island surrounded by shark infested waters that mirror the seemingly treacherous terrain of the U.S. Congress, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) must put their political differences aside and work together for six days and six nights to find common ground through compromise if they want to survive.

… Can you put the rest of them there? And then forget how to find the island?



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