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Scotland stays with UK: France still irrelevant


Scotland voters decided to stay with the United Kingdom. While the vote against secession was a close vote, both sides agreed that France is still irrelevant.

There was plenty of other fallout from the Scottish referendum.

Scotland voted to stay with England rather than emulate the USA and risk a future Obama.

I feel you Scotland. In 2012 USA failed to break free from Obama cult nation. At least UK removed Prince Charles from succession line.

Scottish voters backed down upon realizing that secession risked Scotland becoming almost as irrelevant as France.

Scotland failed to leave UK & Quebec remains in Canada, but at least Obama & his supporters successfully separated from reality.

When push came to shove, Scottish men didn’t have the big ones under their kilts. Kinda like Obama & his mom jeans. Don’t lead a “commando” raid unless you can back it up. Go big or stay home.

Global leftists from Scotland to Obama are like kids: Their temper tantrum done, they can go back to whatever it is they don’t do all day.

Determined to show he’s on top of things, Obama to speak later about what Scotland should do. His view will be “the right thing to do.”

Scotland refusing to leave England is the most dysfunctional non-breakup since Rihanna refused to leave Chris Brown.

Scotland & UK couldn’t even agree on terms of potential breakup. UK insisted on divorce but Scotland wanted a “conscious uncoupling.” The split was averted when both sides agreed that Coldplay, Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow were totally overrated. Neither Scotland or England was willing to take custody of them.

If Robin Williams were alive today, he would be having a field day with Scotland.

This concludes all reporting on the Scottish secession referendum. Separate or together, haggis still looks disgusting.


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