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Rick Perry Fights Back on Twitter


One of the reasons we liked Rick Perry in 2012 was his willingness to fight back against attacks, something that virtually no Republican since Ronald Reagan has been willing to do.  Specifically, George HW Bush, Bob Dole, George W Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.  Together they couldn’t come up with enough spine to actually engage in a fight with Democrats.

We’re pleased to say that Rick Perry is back.  Not necessarily as a candidate, but certainly as a fighter.

We all know about the Travis County Grand Jury that indicted Governor Perry on two felony counts of being a Republican.  The indictment was brought by the Travis County DA who got herself arrested on a DWI charge.  Here’s Governor Perry’s Tweet that drove everybody off the deep end a couple of days ago.

Here’s some commentary after the tweet…

First of all, we’re very pleased to see that JD Hayworth has a job.  Anything to keep him out of our Arizona, running for office.  He’s actually pretty good at throwing red meat to the masses as a TV star.  Second, liked the exchange, especially when the guest said, “He’s got my vote.”


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