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President Obama Imitates President Bush at the UN


That’s right, the anti-Bush, anti-war President showed up at the UN yesterday and guess what?  President Obama could have been reading from a speech given at the same podium in 2001.  As Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a changin’.”  Here’s Megyn Kelly with the video.

We found the most interesting part of the speech was what Obama didn’t say.  He studiously avoided mentioning that one year ago he stood in the same place touting that he’d “ended the war in Iraq.”  HE’d ended it.

President Bush and President Obama unfortunately share some of the same beliefs.

  • Islam is a “religion of peace”
  • We can win a war with limited engagement
  • We can win a war with restrictive rules of engagement that give the enemy cover
  • That Islamic terrorism is limited to a few “extremists”
  • That Islam – all of it – is not at war with the US.

All of those notions are patently false and have been proven to be false more times than we can count over the last 30 plus years.

Islam is a “religion” whose followers are commanded to subjugate and terrorize their unbelieving neighbors and any other Muslims who may stray from the strict path.  It’s been that way for over 1,400 years and the only time they’ve slowed their march is when faced with extinction.

The wars we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan were failures because we refuse to recognize the first tenet.  We have adopted the idea of “proportional response” in warfare, we use force in relation to the force used against us.  That is a strategy designed to produce a stalemate and endless negotiations over just what “reasonable force” means when someone is shooting at you.  It’s produced the deadliest of things, at least the deadliest for US forces, in rules of engagement that are so restrictive our military virtually can’t return fire if there are “civilians” present or if places like Mosques or hospitals are in danger.  Guess where the enemy attacks from?  Yep, “civilian” areas, Mosques, hospitals, and other off limits places.

Let’s get this straight, Islam is at war with the West, and their primary target is the United States.  We represent everything that is and has been an anathema to them since their founding prophet, who incidentally was a pedophile, sent them off to subjugate their neighbors in the name of Allah.

Until we realize that Muslims are not “misrepresented” by the so-called extremists like ISIS, that the mainstream of Islam either actively or passively supports these butchers – and their counterparts like Hamas and Hezbollah – we are doomed to a world at war.

It’s time, long past time actually, to take off the gloves, rewrite the rules of engagement, and recognize that if there is going to no longer be a threat to the world from Islam we have to destroy at least their will to fight their neighbors.  We’re of the persuasion that if they want to have internecine warfare and slaughter one another in the name of the pedophile prophet we’re fine with that and we’d be willing to sell them arms on a cash basis.  Turn those arms on a neighbor and we vaporize them.

Until we recognize that, because of the way they’ve chosen to fight, there are no “civilians” when fighting Muslims and we need to respond as such.  If their fighters are taking refuge in a town, reduce the entire town to rubble and kill every living thing in it.  We would support that rule whether they’re hiding out in a town of 1,000 or a city of 1,000,000.  We have to make the cost of warfare against us so devastatingly costly that they won’t even consider it.

Until then, we’re going to be skirmishing with them on a regular basis and listening to whining about it on the nightly news.  How about we get over with this and recognize that if they’re at war with us we need to be at war with them.



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