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Phil Robertson: UnPHILtered Duck Dynasty


Phil Robertson

by Tina Henold

Phil Robertson is an odd duck to say the least. As the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty he is one of those people that Christians love because we all want to be as open about what we believe as he is, but for one reason or another we often remain quietly in the shadows. His appearance is more like the locust eating John the Baptist rather than the usual crowd at the Bible Believing church down the road, and his speech is plain-although I always wonder about the deeper meaning he is trying to convey. His recent remarks on Hannity got me to thinkin’ as they say.

To lay the groundwork, Phil talked about the two groups of people that are present on earth: The good and the evil. He quoted a verse from Proverbs chapter 8, which says, “All they which hate me, love death” which refers to those who hate Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible and their particular affinity for death. Phil sums it up into a nice little package-or so it seems, but is it really as cut and dry as he makes it out to be? Do so-called good people always do good things? Do those that hate Jesus Christ always do bad things? How can we discern an evil deed from an evil person? The key to this discussion and to Phil’s point is the view of death. As we have seen in the Middle East, there are people who hate Jesus Christ and do in fact love death. This is not difficult to discern.

As ISIS continues to devour the lands and especially Christians in the Middle East, I am reminded of locusts that go from place to place with nothing but destruction in mind. Regardless of how an area is flourishing, once the locusts finish their task, there is nothing left in their wake except desolation. When Sean Hannity arrived at what seems to be the meat of the interview, he asked Phil about his solution to the problem with ISIS and the answer was shocking to some I am sure. Phil stated as calmly and straight forward as ever, “They need to convert or be killed”.

As a red-blooded American Christian his words rang true in my heart. But what immediately struck me was the fact that this is also what ISIS says to their enemies-so what is the difference between us and them? The simple difference is in the view of death and don’t think for a moment that ISIS doesn’t know that. The fact is their entire ideology is based on the love of death while on the whole the ideology of America is life. I understand that there are conspiracy theories in abundance about how this all began, but the fact is they declared war on us. We did not go out and seek this battle nor did we blatantly invite it. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the beginning of this latest nightmare, one thing must be made clear: This is a fight we better win or America will end up on the receiving end of their God hating, death loving ideology.

However, we had not yet arrived at the real red meat of the interview. It may be what people will focus on and what will be discussed at the water cooler, but it was not the nugget. The buried treasure in this interview came at the end when Phil talked about eternal healthcare. He mentioned fame, money, and all of the good any of us can do-but none of it is going to keep us out of the ground. The fact is this: In the end, we all die. We can spend all of the money we have and then some but happiness cannot be found in riches, it isn’t in fame, and it isn’t in Washington. This eternal healthcare as Phil called it can only come through Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sin. As a born again Christian, I know this to be true because it is real in my life and in the lives of many others that I know.

This is the foundation that cannot be shaken regardless of what comes along….But what about ISIS? How are we as Christians supposed to view those who declare war on us with such ferocity? While I respect Phil and understand the concern for the souls of those who make up the “army” of ISIS, I say bomb them all and let the God of the Bible sort them out!


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