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Old, White, Rich Liberals: Running California Into Ditch & Getting Richer


Whether it’s water or energy regulations, environmental restrictions, immigration, taxes or social justice experiments in California – only one thing is sure: None of them negatively effect the rich, ruling-elite class of white liberals who foist these failed policies on the rest of Californians.

In fact, these old Democrats benefit in every way possible from legislation, regulation and the deals that go with it all for a very long time.

california-flag-2The result? California is a disaster and there’s no end in sight.

Of course, you don’t have to look at it if you live and play where the disconnected legislators, judges, public officials and their benefactors in the business world exist.

Victor Davis Hanson at PJ Media lays it all out for us:

H/T Younis Zubchevich

… the ironies of illegal immigration. There are (small) enclaves of largely Latino barrios of recently arriving illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America along the coast — given that the Versailles coastal class over the last thirty years has developed the tastes of the 18th-century French aristocracy in hiring maids, groundskeepers, and nannies.

But nonetheless, the majority of recent arrivals mostly live in the southern interior and Central Valley, where homes are more often $100 rather than $1000 a square foot.

When Mark Zuckerberg assures Carlos Slim that his country’s immigration policies make no sense, he assumes that his own family and friends, by virtue of their influence, money, and superior ethos, not only have the means, but deserve the right, to be exempt from the consequences of thirty years of open borders.

Coastal elites do not visit public parks in Tulare. They do not drive along the antiquated 99 “freeway.” They do not go to emergency rooms like those in Merced. Their children are not enrolled in schools like those in Orange Cove.

The coastal open-borders magnificoes assume that they should profit both materially from cheap imported labor and psychologically from the relief of helping the indigent cheaply but also thankfully from a great distance — as properly being exempted from the ramifications of their own ideology.

So California’s misrule is best explained by a few million along its coastal strip whose elite advocacy is predicated on their bankrupt ideas falling on others.

Take the Steyer brothers, who pledge some of their many hundreds of millions to stop fracking, natural gas use, pipelines, etc., and yet whose firms made much of their billions financing coal plants in the former Third World. Then there is the multimillionaire Rep. Nancy Pelosi praising the idea of de facto open borders from one of her many tony homes. Sen. Barbara Boxer has usually opposed finishing the second and third phase infrastructure of the various state and federal water projects — and then moved to Rancho Mirage, a desert retreat for largely white (90% plus) multimillionaires, whose beautiful artificial lakes and numerous golf courses are not predicated on its 3-4 inches of rain per year, but instead on multibillion-dollar infrastructure that allows water diversions from the Colorado River.

Diversity is a popular coastal concept — for others. The three most powerful elected federal representatives of a state (Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Dianne Feinstein and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) with the largest percentage of Latino residents, with the greatest number of residents under the poverty line and with the largest percentage of residents on welfare are three Bay Area liberal multimillionaire women in their seventies. In current liberal parlance, that is a demographic hardly reflective of their constituents’ ethnic, gender, age, class, or geographical diversity…


A leftist is someone who lies about who he is, to achieve power that he will use to overthrow the system. A liberal is a person who will announce that he believes in policies that assist the underclass, but won’t ever let those policies impact their own lives. A Republican is someone who runs for office announcing he wants to stop the insanity of leftist and liberal policies, and once elected realizes the media will slander him mercilessly if he tries, so he either becomes a pariah or stops trying.

California is an entire state that has stopped trying.

That is why it is corrupt, bankrupt, a cesspool of crime, bad schools, crime and moral drought.

It is anti-business, anti-citizen, anti-border security, anti-God and anti-patriotism.

God will one day crack it off and separate it from the other states. But it left the country long ago figuratively. There are no sacraments in Sacramento. The altar now is built to a graven image. A statue of a man surrendering, turning his back on America and her citizens, her allies and the world.
— cfbleachers

Creed of the Ruling Class: “We’ll tell people we are going to tax the rich. Then we’ll tax the working people, and small and mid-sized businesses. We’ll use the money to protect our own interests and to provide welfare benefits for our plantation of dumb voters. That will keep us in power forever, with all the goodies we need. Everyone else can go to hell.”
— whyisrael


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