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NYC Public School Unions are going to behead Mayor Red Bill de Blasio


At this point it may just be a rhetorical beheading, but we wouldn’t put anything past NYC public school unions.  They’re still mad about Mayor Bloomberg’s treatment of them, and they’re reeling from Red Bill not being able to shut down charter schools that are doing a significantly better job of serving the needs of NYC children and parents, at a much lower cost, than their union counterparts in the public schools.

A municipal union representing thousands of low-paid public school workers is launching a campaign to pressure Mayor de Blasio to pay its members a starting salary of at least $15 an hour, The Post has learned.

Local 372 says it’s outrageous that there will be school-crossing guards making less than $11 an hour and cafeteria workers making less than $14 an hour even after enactment of a new contract that runs through 2017.

The newly elected union leaders are especially miffed that numerous elected city officials are participating in protests to pressure fast-food restaurant chains such as McDonald’s to boost entry-level wages, but have been silent when it comes to government workers.

We have to pause for hysterical laughter.

OK, we’re back.  de Blasio seems to be joining the unions in biting the hand that feeds them.  Red Bill is biting the hand of far left political parties like “Working Families Party” which is farther left than the Socialist Party – and who Barack Obama was intimately involved with in the 1990s – and the NYC unions.  The unions are attempting to de Blasio, who is the best friend they’ve ever had in the mayor’s office.

We’ve got a suggestion to bail out both parties in this little episode of blue-on-blue warfare.  Get rid of the “rubber rooms” in NYC public schools.  What, you ask, are rubber rooms?

He worked just one year as a full-time teacher in New York. But he has collected nearly $1 million for 13 years for doing almost nothing.

Aryeh Eller, 46, a former music teacher at Hillcrest HS in Queens, is the longest-sitting “rubber room” teacher in the city. He was yanked from the classroom in 1999 and confessed to repeated sexual harassment of female students, according to a 2000 investigative report.

But a hearing officer who decides whether tenured teachers can be fired dismissed the case, ruling that Eller wasn’t told his rights. The Department of Education, considering him unfit for teaching, put him in a holding room for a decade.

A classical guitarist who performs in local concerts, Eller has seen his salary rise to $85,000 due to automatic longevity increases under the teachers’ contract.

Since his 1999 suspension, he has collected $943,000, plus health and pension benefits — and the total will hit $1 million this year.

Got that?  He’s up to $85,000 per year – roughly 180 school days with summers off – and he’ll retire on NYC taxpayer’s dime with a better pension and better healthcare benefits than most NYC residents.  You can follow the link to the original article in the NY Post, it’s disgusting.

Now you’re saying, come on, this is a one-off, right?  Wrong.  This is from 2010.

Because of the haggling between the teachers union and the DOE and the glacial pace of investigations, procedural requirements and hearings, many teachers languish here for years

Last year, the city paid its rubber-room teachers $40 million in salaries alone.

DOE officials have blamed the backlog in disciplinary hearings on onerous provisions in the teachers contract and state law that protect teachers who deserve to be fired.

$40 million in salaries plus probably $15 million in benefits and you can find a list of some of the higher paid “teachers” along with their charges at link above.

The union representing the low paid custodians and food service workers should be locking horns with the American Federation of Teachers and Perverts.  The AFT&P is protecting the leeches in the rubber rooms.  It’s for the children dontcha know.



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