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NFL Commissioner & the NFL: Greedy Liars


Headlines: Punching Out a Woman is Bad! NFL commissioner Roger Goodell let the cat out of the bag at a press conference Friday and wants you to know this kind of thing is going to stop! Beating women and children will not be tolerated in his NFL!..

Wow – thanks, NFL – I was unaware that attacking women and children physically was such a big deal, but now that the Commish has stepped up to the plate and announced he’s creating panels, new policies, hiring a law firm to investigate and *GASP – actually talking to WOMEN about it, this must be an important issue.

After all, when Ray Rice emerged from a casino elevator with his fiancee on the ground, unconscious; I – much like the Commish – assumed she just fainted from being overwhelmed at the opportunity to marry such a sweetheart of a guy! It never occurred to me, or Roger Goodell apparently, that Ray knocked her out with a left hook.

goodell4The NFL, through it’s turd of a commissioner are a bunch of greedy liars who once again have shown they will do or say anything to keep their $billions and non-profit status alive – including blatant lies, smearing and blaming the victim – in this case, Janay (Palmer) Rice – Ray’s new wife.

Go ahead – make excuses, ask hypothetical’s, question her motives, say ‘it’s a black thang’, bring up her statements and even the fact that she went through with the marriage – but when you do, know that you are a scumbag. Just like the NFL and The Commish.

Imagine if this piece of crap hit your daughter, your sister, your wife? But hey – as long as it’s Ray Rice’s property, the NFL issues a two-day suspension and then circles the wagons with deception, cover-ups and outright public lies. Forget football – this guy should be in jail awaiting a court date. Ray Rice shouldn’t be allowed to walk around in society, much less get paid millions to be on television playing a game.

Some background:

In February, Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice knocks his fiancée unconscious in an Atlantic City casino, where security cameras are everywhere – including the elevator they’re in. ESPN reports that Baltimore Ravens director of security Darren Sanders received a complete account of Rice punching her out, within hours of the incident by an Atlantic City police officer – who was viewing the surveillance footage.

goodell5Ray and his (now wife) Janay Palmer were both arrested, charged and released on simple assault charges.

TMZ releases video showing Rice dragging her out of the elevator, still unconscious. The NFL gives him a two-game suspension.. in July.

Rice’s attorney described it as “a minor physical altercation.” WTF? Now I know it’s his job to defend his client, but is it his job to say that? A professional football player gives his fiancee a beat-down in an elevator, then drags her limp body out and across the casino floor?

I’d hate to see what “a major physical altercation” looks like. This is why people hate lawyers.

Atlantic City Police say, in addition, they’ve obtained video of Rice punching and knocking her out in the elevator. This is when the NFL goes into action, obfuscating, lying, covering-up and blaming the victim:

There is clear evidence that the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL had the tape, had seen the tape or had full knowledge of what was on the tape inside the elevator. Why wouldn’t they? Reporters like Peter King from Sports Illustrated and Chris Mortensen of ESPN accurately reported what happened on that footage in July.

Yet both of these scumbags began the blaming Janay Rice campaign, saying the tape goes a long way to making what Ray Rice did okay. She was half to blame. Patsy’s for the NFL – especially Peter King.

In March, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti promises that Ray Rice will definitely be back on the team; saying; “He’s just been lauded as the nicest, hardest working, greatest guy on the team and in the community. So we have to support him.

In July, Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome stated publicly that he believed Goodell had gotten it right with just a two-game suspension. Coach John Harbaugh of the Ravens says Rice is a great guy.

Late August: Stephen A. Smith essentially gives the opinion that women have a responsibility to behave in a manner in which they don’t get their asses beat.

Whoopie Goldberg defends Stephen A. Smith, saying;


“It’s a black thang, honey..”

“If you make the choice as a woman who’s four foot three and you decide to hit a guy who’s six feet tall and you’re the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!

Just thought I’d throw that in there…

Dumb-ass Whoopie Goldberg… Even dumber-ass Stephen A. Smith.

Roger Goodell claims he, nor anyone else with the NFL has seen the second video and basically, ‘we’ll get back to you’.. Roger, just what do you think happened in that elevator, even if you haven’t see the footage? However, the Associated Press reports the NFL was sent the second video in April. They have a voicemail from the NFL confirming they received it:

A law enforcement official says he sent a video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee to an NFL executive three months ago, while league officers have insisted they didn’t see the violent images until this week.

The person played The Associated Press a 12-second voicemail from an NFL office number on April 9 confirming the video arrived. A female voice expresses thanks and says: “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

goodell2Roger Goodell claims it would be illegal to request the elevator tape from the casino. Liar.

All was going great – Ravens fans were wearing Ray Rice jerseys (even female fans), Ray and Janay got married, the battered woman said Ray’s a great guy – it was her fault and the NFL sticks with the storyline that since no one knows exactly what happened, we’ll just move on to Sunday’s games!


TMZ releases the elevator video to the public and really pisses on the whole party. Those guys – what are they thinking? It was all going so well and they have to go talking about the truth and showing videos of a great guy throwing a great left hook and knocking his great fiancee out.

Ray Rice is indicted on aggravated assault charges and Roger Goodell announces that perhaps the two-game suspension wasn’t enough. What a guy!

September 10th, Ozzie Newsome said Rice didn’t lie to him and gave him a full account of the video inside the elevator. Did you hear that? The General Manager of the Baltimore Ravens knew Rice punched her unconscious, but was fine with the two-game suspension.

goodell3Ed Werder of ESPN says the Ravens and the NFL knew exactly – all along – what happened in that elevator.

How? Because Ray Rice told them himself. Everything. All that was on the second video, inside the elevator.

September 19th, on a Friday afternoon, Roger Goodell comes out of hiding, sees his shadow (it’s Satan, btw) and gives a press conference where he says they never saw the second video until it was released by TMZ.

They didn’t know what happened inside the elevator, they made “a mistake” with the two-game suspension, but by golly – they’re gonna get it right now – because violence and sexual assault against women and children is bad.

Whew – glad they cleared that up.

The Bears play the Jets Monday night. Hope Brandon Marshall has a good game…



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