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Most Transparent Administration in History Hiding 100k Illegal Alien Children


The Obama administration has said repeatedly that the illegal alien children who’ve been flooding across the border by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, for the past year or so will be sent home.  That is a bald faced lie.

First of all, we don’t even know the numbers of these illegal alien children who’ve been “caught” by the Border Patrol.  The Department of Health and Human Services says 60,000 will be caught in 2014.  But keep in mind that’s the same agency who can’t tell us how many people have enrolled in ObamaCare.

“Most are over 14 and approximately three quarters of them are boys,” says the ACF fact sheet.  …

“Most children are placed into care because they were apprehended by immigration authorities while trying to cross the border; others are referred after coming to the attention of immigration authorities at some point after crossing the border,” says ACF. “The average length of stay in the program is currently near 35 days. Of the children served, some 85% are reunified with their families.”

The agency doesn’t go into any detail about just how these teenage boys, for the most part, are reunited with “family members.”  There has never been any discussion about how it is determined that they are “family.”  There’s also no discussion of whether the “family” is here legally or illegally.  None of that information seems to be available.

The Obama administration is doing everything possible to hide the number of “children” being distributed among the states.  They don’t want the American people to find out where they’re being placed.  What is for sure is that there is going to be a huge price tag on these “children” for local and state governments.  Here’s Sheryl Attkisson who is investigating this disaster.

Here’s how bad it’s going to be this school year.  If you have kids in school, ask them just how many new kids they’ve got in their classes who can’t speak English.

“In light of the heightened media coverage of the issue of undocumented immigrant children, VDOE [Virginia Department of Education] provides the following updated information for your use in responding to community questions or issues,” says the memo distributed to the commonwealth’s 132 school divisions and obtained by Breitbart News.

The memo to Virginia’s school divisions stressed the need to provide all children “equal access to an education” and highlighted the updated guidance from the Obama administration providing more flexibility on the documentation students need to enroll in public schools.

“Such equal access extends to children who come into the United States from other countries without an adult guardian. These children are referred to as unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in federal statutes,” the memo explains.


According to the memo, under federal and Virginia law, the state expects that many of the unaccompanied minors who enroll in public school will be considered “homeless.”

They’re going to be classified as homeless so they’ll disappear into the system.  These illegal aliens will be popping up years from now and demanding amnesty because they “were brought here as minors” and they’re integrated into our culture.

As Attkisson notes, the only way we’re going to find out anything about these illegal alien children is through a FOIA request.  It’ll be 2018 before any of that information sees the light of day.

We are suggesting that you call your local school district and your school board.  Start politely asking how many new kids from other countries are being jammed into your schools.  You’re going to be paying for them, to the tune of billions of dollars and they’re going to destroy what little real education is done in public schools because they’re by-and-large non-English speaking, are uneducated in their home countries, and will take already strained classroom resources away from your kids.

This is another argument for school vouchers and charter schools.



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