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Man catches 17-foot anaconda with bare hands


A man in French Guiana used his bare hands to catch a menacing 17-foot anaconda from a river near a friend’s house and put the 175-pound snake in his bathtub overnight until he could relocate the reptile.

Sebastien Bascoules, 39, who has enjoyed handling reptiles since age 10, was called by a friend with news that the anaconda had snatched his dog, Minus, from the riverbank, according to Barcroft TV and various media outlets.

Bascoules, using broken English, described what happened to Barcroft TV, which released this video Thursday:

“It is really common to come across snakes in French Guiana; there are 98 species here,” Bascoules said, according to The Telegraph in the U.K. “I have caught between 15 and 20 anacondas. To capture a snake this size is a dream come true.”

As he waded into the small river, Bascoules said he was not scared because he thought it was smaller, but he was very surprised by its strength when it began to move.

“It was really difficult to capture these kind of snakes because they are very strong,” he said in the video. “This is the reason why I asked my friend to help me by catching his tail otherwise it could bite or strangulate me.

“If you know what to do, there is no problem.”

Once subdued on land, Bascoules put a cloth around the anaconda’s head “and it became inoffensive, like a big worm.”

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