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Liberals Deny Illegal Immigrant, Disease Link


One of the concerns many rational, thinking people have expressed in connection with the runaway invasion of our border by illegal immigrants is for the spread of unusual, potentially deadly diseases.

With the Obama Administration busing and flying inadequately screened illegal aliens to unsuspecting communities all around the United States, it’s only a matter of time before a rash of novel illnesses sweeps the country, we warned.

No, no, it will never happen, the White House and liberals assured us, calling those who raised legitimate questions fear-mongers or worse.

Now there’s a “mystery” virus spreading across the country rapidly. The enterovirus D68 has been affecting mostly children. The symptoms don’t sound much different from a cold, but dozens of children in multiple states have been made sick enough to require hospitalization.

It’s not a common illness. According to the CDC, it was first recognized in 1962 in four children in California. Between 2008 and 2011, a CDC article indicated there were six known outbreaks worldwide, including three in the United States and one each in the Netherlands, Japan and the Philippines.

In the case of hospitalization, some patients have become sick enough to require mechanical ventilation, and there have been two known deaths from the disease since 2008, one in Japan and one in the Philippines.

The most recently confirmed cases are four children in California. One of them is in Ventura County, where the local naval base has processed hundreds of illegal aliens and been forced to quarantine and treat several, according to the public information office. Other sources knowledgeable about the base have suggested that the number of immigrants requiring medical treatment has been much higher than officials will publicly admit. Once processed, the immigrants have been released into the larger community.

Three of the ill children are in San Diego County, even closer to the border and, similarly to Ventura, a federal dumping ground for inadequately screened immigrants.

Sources from the CDC itself have admitted there is a medical “breakdown” at immigrant processing stations near the border, and Border Patrol sources have claimed that sick immigrants have often simply been put on buses or planes headed for the interior of the United States.

Since the enterovirus seems to disproportionately affect children, you might suspect that it’s being transmitted largely through schools, where thousands of illegal immigrant children have been placed this school year.

But liberals are actively denying that there could possibly be any connection between illegal immigrants and the current tide of enterovirus cases.  At the blog Little Green Footballs, for instance, a contributor calling himself “Lawhawk,” called discussion of any link between illegal immigrants and disease outbreaks “shady” and “racist.” The writer, apparently some sort of legal professional, seemed to be convinced that because enterovirus 68 has been identified in the past, then the current outbreak couldn’t possibly come from illegal immigrants.

It’s true that we don’t know with certainty the source of this outbreak. It’s also true that the CDC probably knows exactly where it started and it isn’t saying.

Draw your own conclusion.

Then there’s drug-resistant tuberculosis, another disease liberals seem to either think doesn’t exist, isn’t a danger or couldn’t possibly have come from illegal immigrants.

There is also Texas Sheriff Gary Painter, who has reported a “resurgence of tuberculosis and other diseases in county jails.”

The Midland County lawman told Laura Ingraham, “Even in our county jails across the states, people coming from the other countries are bringing all this stuff with them. Where we never had tuberculosis before, now we’re having a resurgence of tuberculosis and other diseases in county jails across the nation, and it’s because of people bringing them in from outside the United States.”

Why, that’s just racist and shady. What would a — probably conservative — sheriff know about what goes on in jails?

Then there’s ebola, which we’ve been told by the White House is extra-sure, double-true, cross-our-hearts, absolutely no threat to the United States.

Yet in the past week, President Obama has announced he is planning to spend more than $700 million to fight it, including sending 3,000 military troops to West Africa. The United Nations recently declared that ebola is a threat to global peace and security, and announced formation of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response. UNMEER is requesting an additional $1 billion from member nations to fight ebola.

Among the thousands of illegal immigrants picked up in the past year are scores, possibly hundreds, from countries suffering under the current ebola epidemic. One might conclude from current events that either the country’s and world’s leaders are suddenly prone to all that alleged conservative fear-mongering liberals have been discussing, or perhaps conservatives were being, er, conservative in their own reactions to the border collapse.

Our border has been virtually almost erased. For conservatives, that’s unthinkable. For programmers, that’s “border-collapse: collapse; border: 0;” (shout out to secret Silicon Valley readers). For liberals, that’s mission accomplished.

And as those “non-existent” diseases make the rounds, Americans will pay for it. That’s not racist; that’s biology.

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Tad Cronn is a member of an endangered species, the California conservative. Once abundant, California conservatives have seen their habitat increasingly overrun and heavily regulated by Los Angeles liberals and other non-native rodent species. This makes surviving conservatives such as Tad very grumpy and prone to sarcasm. Feed him at your own risk.


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