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Liberal Bails on Rick Amato Show Rather Than Debate


Liz Chadderon is a National Democrat strategist, native Texan, graduate of UT (my alma mater!) and resident phony, cowardly liberal. Rather than face a tough debate – she stormed off the set of The Rick Amato Show yesterday like the spoiled child that all liberals are when they don’t get their way [VIDEO BELOW]

I know Rick Amato and yes, he’s a conservative – but – he’s a well-mannered thoughtful TV personality who has liberals on his show daily and interacts with them freely and (even after the show) as friends. He’s also a tough guy to debate and knows his stuff – and it was just too much for Liz Chadderdon, who is considered a “Top” Democrat strategist and consultant.

She’s a coward.

Like all liberals who get backed into their own corner by facts, she first resorts to name-calling (classic Cloward-Piven), then when that doesn’t work – and believe me, no one speaks ill of Amato from either side – she takes her ball and bat and goes home.

[WATCH: clip courtesy of The Rick Amato Show]

Boy, there’s a fighter, eh? Liberals are bullies and when you stand up to a bully, they run. They can’t fight because they’re empty, just like Clint Eastwood’s chair he was talking to at the 2012 Convention.

This is the same Liz Chadderon who stated loudly that revelations Wendy Davis had multiple abortions would actually help her gubernatorial run in Texas because it would win over suburban Texas women.

Hey Liz – how did that work out? Nice try Dems.

On a side note: I’ll be appearing on the Rick Amato Show this Tuesday, September 23rd for a one-on-one with Rick and on his all-star panel.

Any suggestions you have for me to kid Rick about this incident are being considered..

Don’t miss me Tuesday, kids. See what I did there?

I turned a perfectly good story about a perfectly lousy Democrat into a gratuitous promotion.. Thanks and drive safely.



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