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Let’s Look at the Obama ISIS Strategy


On yesterday’s “Special Report,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume elaborated on “Fox News Sunday,” which questioned the sincerity of President Barack Obama’s effort to combat ISIS in the Middle East.  Just what is the Obama ISIS strategy?

According to Hume, Obama was forced to act as a result of public opinion, which was not out of conviction and destined not to succeed.

In other words, it’s just like all of the President’s policies.  First, there was the “Smart Diplomacy” that gave us the Arab Spring.  That one was designed to make the Arab world like the US.  All it did was embolden the Muslim Brotherhood and turn the whole Middle East into a shooting gallery.  Or a beheading gallery.  It drove a nail in the coffin of the relatively peaceful Iraq that Mr. Obama inherited and, because of Obama’s refusal to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement that would leave a residual military force in Iraq, they – and we – got ISIS instead.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the President admitted he had no strategy to deal with ISIS, and today we have this cobbled together Obama ISIS strategy that members of his own party are questioning and his military commanders are saying won’t work, and will likely cost American lives.

While we’re talking strategy, just what is the US military doing in Africa “fighting” Ebola?  We can’t wait for the press corpse to go after the President on that one.  Oh, wait…

We could go through Obama’s other policy failures, from his concept of “job creation” to Afghan policy, etc, etc.  We won’t.

What we will do though, is note that the First Lady is no better at policy ideas that the First Fool.  Her school lunch program is seeing billions of dollars wasted in food thrown away because the kiddies won’t eat it.  Didn’t anybody ever tell her that people are starving in [pick a third world country]?



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