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John Boehner: Doing All He Can to Sell Us Out on Immigration


John Boehner.  Sellout.  We don’t find him to be a RINO, that’s much to tame a designation for the Speaker.  We prefer “sellout,” because whenever conservatives find an issue to stand firm on, the Speaker is right there to talk a good game. For a little while.  Then he sells out and gets nothing in return.  Here is the Speaker, on Hugh Hewitt’s show, setting the stage by talking tough and giving a hint as to what’s coming.

Boehner wants the President to “continue to follow the law.” Excuse us??????  Continue to follow the law?  What planet are you on Mr. Speaker?  This is the President you’re talking about.  The same guy who has, for the past six years, told the Border Patrol that we need to pursue a “catch and release” policy.  The same guy who has told DHS to release violent criminals.  The same guy who recently shut down deportations.  The same guy whose DHS is busy spreading unaccompanied illegal alien children all over the US to increase the difficulty of deporting them.  The same guy who has let the immigration courts run up a 400,000 case backlog so illegals will effectively die of old age before being deported.

That guy Mr. Speaker.  You want him to “continue” to follow the law?

And then there’s your reasoning about that.  In order to help “create an environment where you could do immigration reform in a responsible way next year.”  Reading that, the sun is barely up and I need alcohol.  And not rubbing alcohol.

Mr. Speaker.  This President has been absolutely outspoken about how he wants immigration reform to go down.  Amnesty.  He won’t settle for less.  Have you been living in a cave sir?  Oh, that’s right.  You and the US Chamber of Commerce, the tech giants in the Republican stronghold known as Silicon Valley, and every Democrat in the nation (along with John McCain and Jeff Flake) think the responsible thing to do with respect to immigration reform is give amnesty to about 15 million uneducated, untrained, illegal aliens and another 35 or 40 million of their uneducated, untrained, family members.  What’s another 50 million people on food stamps and various forms of welfare.  What’s a few million more little kids who can’t speak English stuffed into our classrooms.  Hey, they’re Democrat voters right?

Mr. Speaker, you’re a pathetic excuse for a “leader” and worst part is that fit in so well with the rest of the so-called Republican leadership.



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