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Joan Rivers: “Obama is Gay, Michelle is a Man” 2 Mo’s Later: Joan Rivers, R.I.P.


Just sayin’ that barely two months ago, Joan Rivers said President Obama was “gay” and First Lady Michelle Obama was a “tranny.” Blam! Everybody gets a taste of the bitch-juice, right?

Most of us don’t care if Barack Obama is homosexual, black, white, green or whatever – the problem is his politics taking this country down the sewer. We had a great thing going here and he IS fundamentally transforming the U.S. into a Third World country, complete with millions of new illegal aliens of all ages – illiterate even in their own countries.

joan2Who cares about the stupid conspiracies about the First Lady? Not me. It’s a distraction from something that’s really, really important to remember. And that is this:

joan4Barack Obama is flat-out, the worst POTUS – ever – not because he might be gay or he might have had Joan River’s murdered, but because he’s a bad, bad President for a country that loves freedom, liberty, Capitalism and “The Fashion Police.”

I’m tired of the Obama’s politics. I feel like the nation has food poisoning and we’re waiting to crap these two out. There is one thing that is weird though and that’s how Barack has scrubbed his past.

Right about now, you’re thinking I’ve gone off the deep end, but seriously – where’s the girlfriends? I’m no playa – but there’s tons of pics of me with old girlfriends.

joan5Look on Facebook – I’m frickin’ Rod Stewart, already. Barack Obama? The guy has no past.

Barack has no transcripts, no girlfriends, no photos of his white grandmother who raised him and just these creepy pictures of some dudes with him on a couch.

I have those too, don’t get me wrong – but I also have pics of me and hot ex-girlfriends.

Why the hell didn’t I marry one of those? God, I’m an idiot.


But I’m not gay and I got old pics of me and girlfriends at the prom, at the Cheesecake Factory, downtown hanging out, at the Cubs Game and throughout my life there’s all kindsa chicks hanging on me to prove it. Just sayin’.

Maybe I am a playa on second thought, but Barack Obama is not.

This guy has only met one woman in his entire life, named Michael, some folks like Joan Rivers’ would say. But she’s dead.


um… no.

Two months after letting the cat out of the bag. She’s a real joker, that Joan Rivers. Was.


by Rodney Lee Conover

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