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Joan Rivers Banned Michelle Obama From Her Funeral


Maybe she saw something coming.

In her last interview, comedian Joan Rivers spoke to a writer for the Sunday Times Magazine about having a conversation with her daughter about death, as well as listing three people she wanted to ban from her funeral, including first lady Michelle Obama.

Also on the list were pop singer Adele, whom Rivers called fat; and talk show host Chelsea Handler, whom she called drunk and a whore.

Rivers characterized Obama as a “tranny” — a transgender male.

That’s not the first time Rivers called the first lady a transgender. A couple of months before she died unexpectedly during what was supposed to be a routine surgical procedure,  Rivers made news with the same comment and an unflattering comment about the president.

After officiating at a homosexual “wedding” back in July, an enthusiastic camera man asked her, “Hey, do you think the country will see — the United States will see the first gay president or the first woman president?”

Rivers replied, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.”

Camera man: “Got it.”

Rivers: “You know Michelle is a tranny.”

Camera man: “Uh, I’m sorry, she’s a what?”

Rivers: “A transgender. We all know.”

Camera man: “Oh my gosh.”

Rivers: “It’s OK.”

The remarks at the time were covered in the mainstream media, with newscasters prefacing the comments as a typical joke by Rivers, who made a career out of saying shocking and funny things.

Some people, such as writers at the Huffington Post, didn’t think it was funny.

Others think she wasn’t joking.

There have long been rumors trailing President Obama that he is a closeted homosexual and member of Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club,” and Michelle and his marriage are just cover. Infowars made fun of the issue after Rivers’ comments (the mainstream media picked it up as if Infowars was being serious), but there are people, like writer Jerome Corsi, who believe the stories, which can be found by a standard Google search.

Usually at some point in those rumors, you’ll come across the mention of several mysterious murders of homosexuals who were members of the “club.” If you’re interested in that, Google it.

All of that sort of speculation has led naturally to conspiracy theories about Rivers’ death, which is the subject of an official investigation. Although Rivers had supported the Obamas in the past, speculation has suggested she crossed a line when she “outed” the first family.

Personally, I don’t think there’s any evidence to really suggest that, though it would make a good thriller.

But unless something comes to light, it seems that Rivers’ death was what it appears to be, an accident prompted by what may have been an unnecessary surgery.

And who knows if she was joking about banning Michelle Obama from her funeral?

Regardless of who she supported politically, Rivers was a talented entertainer, and she will be missed by many.


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