Jihadist in the USA

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There has been a domestic terrorist attack on American soil. It was not perpetrated by a Tea Partier, Pro Lifer or a returning Veteran. It was done in the name of Allah. Again.

Good luck hearing about it. Only a few recent Fox News reports have mentioned the “lone wolf” terrorist who attacked a 19 year old rising sophomore at the University of Richmond.

jihadistHis name was Brendan Tevlin and he was senselessly murdered by Ali Muhammad Brown and his two accomplices. Brown has also been charged with the murders of two gay men in Seattle. He was involved in the April 27th murder of another Seattle man as well as the murder of Cheyanne Bond, who was shot on June 29 in an apparent robbery in Newark, New Jersey.

Brown and his accomplice, Jeremy Villagran, shot Tevlin ten times with a 9 mm Luger. A devout Muslim, Brown believed that he had the right to “take a life for a life” as he disagreed with U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria. According to court documents and NJ.com, Brown quoted that he felt it was his “mission” to kill Tevlan. He was seeking retribution.

Brendan Tevlin was innocently sitting at a traffic light and had just texted his mom that he would be home shortly, after playing video games with a nearby friend in West Orange, New Jersey. In what initially appeared to be a robbery, Brown and his accomplice, Jeremy Villagran, approached Tevlan’s Liberty Jeep and proceeded to have an altercation. Together, they fired ten rounds into the vehicle, killing Tevlin. Brown shoved Tevlin’s body into the passenger seat and drove to an apartment complex where he abandoned the vehicle. Villagran fled in a getaway car driven by Andre Fields.

Brendan graduated from Seton Hall Preparatory School with a 4.0 grade point average for all four years. He was in the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. He served on Student Council and as a Eucharist minister at his church and he was a talented bagpipe member in the Essex County Shillelagh Pipes and Drums. In his free time, he loved surfing on the Jersey shore and spent summers there with his family. He was just three years shy of a business degree from U of R.

The pictures of Brendan and his siblings resemble a Ralph Lauren ad with their wholesome, all American good looks. They exude innocence and happiness.

I cannot fathom the grief his family is enduring knowing that he died because a jihadist on American soil wanted retribution; nor can I imagine the fear he must have experienced in those final moments as he realized that his life was ending.

How does one put their life back together? Where is the outrage for this mother? Where are the protestors and Eric Holder? Why hasn’t President Obama offered condolences to this family on national television as he did Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown?

An American was assassinated in our own country for simply being an American. With the exception of one New Jersey radio host and Megyn Kelly, there has been little coverage of this heinous crime. I am so over the double standard that exists in our mainstream media and this administration.

If President Obama had a son and he looked like Brendan, maybe this would have made the 11pm news. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t. In America, killing in the name of Allah isn’t terrorism if the victims are soldiers at Fort Hood, two gay guys or a Christian surfer.

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