John Kerry: Islam is Peaceful Religion

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We can’t think of anyone on planet earth that we have less respect for than John Kerry.  We suspect you understand why, and while he didn’t reach a new low last week, he certainly reinforced the fact that we’re keeping the length of new rope we have in the garage.  We’ve been saving it now for about 40 years just in case we finally elect a president who would see real justice done for the treasonous acts he committed in Paris with the Vietnamese government.

Johnny boy was speaking to a largely Muslim group at the State Department, celebrating the appointment of the “special representative to Muslim communities.”  If the State Department was going to fill that position we had another individual in mind, but more on that later.

We apologize for that bit of pornography, but there’s no way to make a point about John Kerry than listening to him.  Thankfully, it was a short clip.  With reference to the points he made, let’s first understand the context.  He’s talking about a Muslim group that had beheaded two Americans and shortly after his little speech, beheaded a Brit.

“Those who have murdered James Foley and Steven Sotloff in Syria need to know that the United States will hold them accountable, no matter how long it takes.”  Like hell we will, John.  We might make a surgical strike, we might even kill the Brit who’s doing the head chopping, but the people who support this kind of action will never feel any pain.

the face of Islam is not the butchers who killed Steven Sotloff,” he continued, to immediate applause. “That’s [ISIS].”

“The face of Islam is not the nihilists who know only how to destroy, not to build, It’s not masked cowards whose actions are an ugly insult to the peaceful religion that they violate every single day with their barbarity, and whose fundamental principles they insult with their actions.”  Actually John, that is precisely the face of Islam.  That is what they’ve done best for about 1,400 years.  You can find the occasional verse in the Quran that speaks of peace, but the central theme of the so-called “holy book” is one of butchery, persecution, lying, and slavery.  Muslims have been butchering their neighbors non-stop since their pedophile prophet commanded them to do just that.  The only time they’ve taken an organized break is to butcher one another, and that is a feature, not a bug.

“The real face of Islam is a peaceful religion based on the dignity of all human beings.”  Yeah, right.  The Muslim religion is based on subjugation just about everybody.  We’d like see Secretary Kerry make this speech to the homosexual community in Iran where scenes like this are commonplace.

Secretary would drop by a school and speak to the young girls who are students and explain that having their clitoris surgically removed – with or without anesthesia – is a dignified thing and they should be happy about it.  Oh, wait.  Girls can’t go to school in most Muslim countries.

We could go on, but you get the idea.  The Secretary of State has not removed his head from his nether regions in the last 40 years.


Muslims, and their religion, are the exact opposite of everything that John Kerry and his boss, Barack Obama, preach.  They’re the polar opposite of what George Bush and his spokespeople had to say about them too.

Muslims, driven by their religion, are butchers.  They’ve had almost 1,400 years of very active practice at it and they’re working every day to improve their craft.  If anybody wants to argue that point they only have to do two things and we’ll admit we’re wrong.  First, please point to the street demonstrations by Muslims, and we’ll settle for Dearborn or anywhere in Europe, protesting the butchers who are supposedly offending their faith.  Second, work up a good explanation for this:

We’ll be waiting impatiently.

Oh, and as far as a “special representative to Muslim communities, we prefer the guys who dropped this:


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