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How’s That “Yemen Strategy” Working Out Barack?


The President is determined to NOT put “boots on the ground” when it comes to fighting Muslim Terrorists.  He’s not going to get caught in a land war in the Middle East.  We would note that we don’t want our Commander-in-Chief running a land war anywhere, it would look a lot like the ObamaCare rollout.  What he’s doing is called the “Yemen Strategy” after the way we’re fighting the Muslim Terrorists in Yemen.

As they plan their response to the crisis in Iraq, President Obama and his top aides are hoping to replicate elements of an often-overlooked and relatively successful U.S. military operation in another war-ravaged Middle East nation: Yemen.


By most accounts, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is considered the most sophisticated offshoot of the terrorist group founded by Osama Bin Laden and has targeted the United States several times, has been pushed back on its heels.


The U.S. goal isn’t to “play Whac-a-Mole whenever these terrorist organizations may pop up,” Obama said, but to build effective partnerships with governments to manage the threat.

That account is not from years ago, it’s from June 22, 2014.  Three months ago.

The President is going to follow the same strategy in Syria and Iraq with ISIS.  So our question today is, how’s that Yemen Strategy working out in Yemen?

Let’s get this straight.  The State Department has told US citizens in Yemen to get out because of the “unrest” and the Muslim terrorists are firing drive-by rockets at the US Embassy compound.

Yeah, that sounds like a winning strategy Barack.



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