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Hey White People! You’re Racist and I’m Over It!


By Shelley Broadway

1972421_690589904359321_66421644286332212_nThese are the sentiments given by a group of kids from the block where Michael Brown, of Fergusson Missouri, lives. They were recruited to make this video to bring awareness to the fact that it is the white people in the country that won’t let racism die. Michael Brown, of course, was the young man, who was black, that was shot and killed by a white officer in early August. That shooting, and because Brown was unarmed, riots started in the area due to people’s outrage.

Never mind the fact that an unarmed white man was killed two days later by police…

In the video (below) the black kids (of which the first is absolutely adorable) say things like:

“White people say ‘All this talk about racism is making me uncomfortable.’ Uncomfortable? Try being black.”

“White people say ‘Some of my best friends are black’ *slow clap by teen boy in video* You get a cookie!”

Uhm, really? The very first thing said is “Hey white people!” – so white people are the only racists? I guess there are no racist Latinos, Asians or whatever else kind of race. And the teen girl in the video…? She exudes a disrespectful, condescending and outright rude attitude and behavior…

KilledByPolice_circumstances_v3.0The video also gives some facts. It points out that when white people are pulled over by the NYPD, only 8% are frisked, but when African Americans and Latinos are pulled over by the NYPD they frisk 85%. Then one kid asks “What’s that smell?” and then they start waving their hands in front of their noses until a kid pops on screen and says “Uh, that would be racism” Which is interesting when you look at the number of black people vs white people killed by police…

I’ve seen a lot of things that push boundaries, but this…? This video is the most racist thing I have seen in a long time… (Warning: There is one cussword at the very end and the logo of the group that put it out is somewhat inappropriate. So, keep that in mind…)


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