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Groupon declares war on Christians


Groupon,as we’re sure you know, offers online deals to their members, they will show up in your email inbox several times a day. Their primary competition is with Living Social, who does basically the same thing.

Groupon lost our business a few years back when, after the Sandy Hook shooting, they decided they would stop offering any gun related items. They never sold or offered deals on guns, but they did offer deals on shooting ranges and some firearms accessories. They made a big deal about stopping their gun related offers, even though they were always few and far between. When they did that, they lost the Curmudgeons.

They’re now under new management and apparently they’re dialing back the war on guns, but they’ve opened up a new front.

Munchkin’s Preschool, near Power and Baseline roads [in Mesa, AZ], opened in August.

Enrollment is far below capacity. The school was built to house 120 preschoolers, but only 30 are enrolled.

To boost numbers, staff contacted Groupon to create a deal to attract parents.

“We were expecting, from what we saw of other preschools running Groupons, it could be 50 percent or 60 percent of our business,” said Tracy Tingue, a partner in the school.

“It was going to be a great offer of $200 in tuition for $20,” he said.

So far, so good. A new business is working on building their business and looking at a direct-mail (email) contact strategy with what we think is a screaming deal. Then comes the response from Groupon.

Tingue says staff at Groupon canceled the deal after finding out the preschool is “faith-based,” a phrase printed on its ads and website.

“We talk about prayers before meals, and we do tell basic Bible stories,” Tingue said.

“We hope to start from a young age just building morals and values that they can take with them,” Janel McElwain told 3TV.

The preschool allows children of all denominations.

Just so we’re clear, Munchkin’s Preschool caters to newborns through age 5. We’re not talking about memorizing the Bible or denominational teaching. This is not a Wahabbi school, Groupon would probably work with them. (It’s that beheading thing.) A prayer before meals and a basic Bible story. For that, because they are “faith-based,” they’re not Groupon friendly. Groupon has pretty much refused to answer any questions about the ban on Munchkin’s, here’s their response.

In an email, a Groupon official told Tingue in part, “We are not able to work with your faith-based business as of right now.”

However, in the spirit of complete hypocrisy, there’s also this.

Another Groupon representative told 3TV that the company has, indeed, offered several deals involving faith-based companies in the past. He cited a Jewish Community Center membership deal, a Christian store deal and several others.

The Groupon representative declined to elaborate on why the preschool’s deal was canceled over its faith base.

So the Jewish Community Center – a great organization, we’re very familiar with them, and a Christian Book Store are OK, but a “faith-based” preschool is not. We’re not sure if Groupon is discriminating or just plain stupid. As of right now, we’re voting for the latter, but in either instance they’re declaring war on Christians. We doubt that is a winning strategy.




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